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Katy Perry is returning to "American Idol" for a second season, despite a slew of fake news stories that ranged from the singing show being "canceled" because of ratings to it coming back, but with Taylor Swift in her place. At the time those fabricated claims were first published, Gossip Cop was the first to report they were complete lies. Once again, time (and reality) has proven us right and exposed the outlets that manufacturing the lies.

In late March, Life & Style made up a story that falsely alleged the rebooted "American Idol" was in "jeopardy of being canceled" because it maintained the show was an "embarrassing failure" for ABC. The often debunked tabloid sensationally reported the series' "ratings aren't exactly what the network had hoped for." The gossip magazine also quoted a seemingly make-believe "source" as saying Perry's "flirty behavior with contestants is a turnoff and key element of the ratings decline." But as Gossip Cop previously reported, there were times when ABC won the primetime rating because of "American Idol."

And then there was the absurd article about Perry being replaced on "American Idol" by Swift. That tall tale came via the blog Naughty Gossip, which sometimes publishes such outlandish claims one wonders whether it's actually a satire site. Regardless, the repeatedly discredited outlet maintained it had a source who said ABC didn't feel Perry was worth her $25 million-a-season paycheck. The alleged insider assert that "rather than ask [Perry] to take a pay cut, it has been decided that she should be replaced" and the "one name that keeps coming up is her enemy Taylor Swift."

That story was such a lie that not only did Perry's rep tell Gossip Cop the blog's article was untrue and noted the network was "happy" with the singer, but a spokesperson for "American Idol," who rarely comments on-the-record, wanted us and our readers to know the Naughty Gossip story was "completely false" and "absolutely 100 percent fiction." Significantly, the reports about "American Idol" being "canceled" and Swift replacing Perry had two common elements: (1) they were entirely inaccurate and (2) they each were hinged on an unnamed and untraceable "source." Conversely, Gossip Cop fact-checked the claims and debunked both articles with transparent sources who readily and publicly called out those outlets.

As widely reported, on Friday the "American Idol" reboot was renewed by ABC, and it was also announced that judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Perry are all returning. Contrary to the aforementioned false claims, Variety specifically mentioned in its piece about the series being picked up that the main reason was the show's "strong ratings," including last Sunday's program, which "saw the highest levels of viewership since the season premiere." As Gossip Cop has stated before, time is never the friend of outlets that publish fake news with phony sources. And the proof this time is that the new "American Idol" is coming back for a second season and Perry is not being replaced by Swift.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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