Katt Williams Gets Into Fist Fight With Teen And Loses (VIDEO)

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Katt Williams Fist Fight

By Andrew Shuster |


Katt Williams got into a fist fight with a teenager in Melrose, Florida this week, and video of the incident has emerged online. Watch the shocking footage below.

It’s unclear what prompted the fight between the controversial comedian and the unidentified teen, whose friends refer to him as “Luke.” The video opens with the two opponents in each other’s faces, before Williams abruptly sucker punches the teen. The teen subsequently wrestles Williams to the ground and puts him in a choke hold until his friends convince him to let go of the comic. Williams remains on the ground as he asks the bystanders, “As a community y’all let a little broke n***a do that to a celebrity?”

As Gossip Cop reported, Williams has been involved in numerous similar incidents lately. Just last month, the comedian attacked a man at a concert in Philadelphia, and was then beaten by a group of the man’s friends, one of whom stomped on the comedian’s head. And earlier this year, Williams was arrested in Georgia for punching a pool store employee. Shortly before that, he was accused by five women of holding them up at gun point and stealing their cell phones. Watch Williams’ latest shocking altercation in the video below.

UPDATE: Police were informed of the incident shortly after the footage of the scuffle leaked, and they’re now launching a criminal investigation because Williams is currently on bail for multiple assault charges. Cops could decide to rearrest the comedian if it’s determined that he violated the terms of his bail, which includes not engaging in physical altercations.


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