Katt Williams Beaten By Group At Concert After Attacking Man (VIDEO)

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Katt Williams Beaten Concert

By Andrew Shuster |

Katt Williams Beaten Concert

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Katt Williams attacked a man at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia on Sunday night, and was then beaten by a group of the would-be victim’s friends, one of whom stomped on the comedian’s head as he lay on the ground. If so inclined, watch the video below.

Williams stopped by a concert featuring Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss and other rappers, and displayed bizarre antics throughout the night, including showing off aggressive dance moves and invading the stage to freestyle. It all culminated in the comedian getting into a fighting pose before rushing towards an unidentified man and punching him unprovoked. A nearby group then knocked the comedian down to the floor and repeatedly kicked him.

This is just the latest incident in an ongoing saga of Williams’ abnormal and belligerent behavior. Last week, he publicly slammed Kevin Hart, referring to the fellow comic as a “puppet.” Shortly after that, five women accused the comedian of holding them up at gun point and stealing their cell phones. There were no witnesses, and Williams claimed self-defense, so no arrests were made. But the following day, Williams was arrested in Georgia for punching a pool store employee. Watch below Williams’ latest altercation at a concert.


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