Katie Holmes is not "sexing up" her image to win Jamie Foxx back, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabricated claim. We're told the whole thing is "absurd."

According to the new issue of OK!, after Holmes and Foxx went "public," they "decided to take a break." And now Holmes is supposedly "sexing up her image" as a way of luring Foxx back. A so-called "pal" of the actress is quoted as saying, "She's overhauled her wardrobe with sky-high heels and skintight dresses and has an edgy new short haircut." "She was tired of her goody two-shoes image and wanted to do something to get Jamie's attention," says the alleged source, before adding, "She's desperate to spice things up again."

There's so much wrong with the tabloid's article, Gossip Cop doesn't know where to start. Of course, it's troubling and cringeworthy at once that the magazine (or its seemingly manufactured Holmes "pal") would contend, particularly in these times of heightened awareness, that the actress is "sexing up" her image with "sky-high heels and skintight dresses... to get Jamie's attention." Not only is the outlet sexually objectifying Holmes, but it's also mistaken with its facts. For example, Holmes's "edgy new short haircut" has nothing to do with Foxx, and everything to do with her next film, The Doorman, in which she plays an ex-Marine.

Additionally, the tabloid first wrongly maintains that Holmes and Foxx went "public." They did nothing of the sort. They were photographed, unbeknownst to them, by paparazzi using long lenses as they took a private walk together on a beach in Malibu. Curiously, the magazine then doesn't explain why they "decided to take a break." And if they're just taking a break, why does Holmes feel she needs a "sexy makeover" to "win back" Foxx?

The reality is Holmes and Foxx have a casual relationship. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly stated, it's never been serious nor is the actress resorting to "sexing up her image" for him. To say OK! has little credibility when it comes to the two stars is an understatement.

Nearly two years ago in January 2016, the tabloid published a cover story about how Holmes was having a wedding and baby with Foxx. Then, after a handful of other covers that falsely maintained they were getting married and having a girl, the magazine had the audacity one year ago to run yet another story claiming it was "official" that Holmes was pregnant with Foxx's baby. And since then there have been similarly inaccurate articles. An actual Holmes insider, however, assures Gossip Cop that no real "pal" of the actress spoke to the outlet, and it's latest report is 100 percent wrong and "absurd."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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