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Is Katie Holmes losing weight because of stress from a custody battle with Tom Cruise? That's the new twist in a false narrative about the exes fighting over their daughter Suri. Gossip Cop can bust this latest story.

Exactly one week ago, the National Enquirer made up a cover story claiming Cruise was trying to take Suri back from Holmes after years of estrangement. As Gossip Cop explained then, the report seemed to be inspired by a cover story from a foreign tabloid, which similarly alleged earlier this month, without evidence, that Cruise was battling for custody of the 12-year-old. There was no proof to substantiate either article. And even People, which recently did a full profile on Cruise's mysterious life, said nothing about the actor reuniting with Suri.

But now the Enquirer is trying to extend its phony saga by announcing in its new issue, "Stressed-Out Katie Holmes Wasting Away!" This article contends the actress has been so "blindsided" by Cruise "plotting to reconnect with their daughter," she "dropped an astonishing 35 pounds in one week — and friends are fearing the worst." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Katie is a wreck! She must be terrified if Suri and Tom reunite, he'll lure her back into Scientology."

There are two problems with that last line. It is suspiciously similar to a quote from last week's cover story ("Katie would probably be worried that he'd try and lure her into joining Scientology"), and the phrase "she must be" indicates that this "source" is only guessing, as opposed to knowing for sure how Holmes is actually feeling. Still, the magazine goes on to assert she is looking "gaunt" and in a "troubling state."

An unnamed doctor who has never met Holmes uses photos to allege she's "lost between 30 and 40 pounds — in too short a period," and another doctor, who also hasn't treated her, even warns that her purported "lack of nutrition" could "spark a heart episode that ends in death." The outlet features a picture of Holmes at a Dior fashion show in early July, and compares it to an August 13 photo of Holmes that was taken as she walked her dogs.

The publication doesn't give the dates, however, because that would give away that the snapshots weren't taken a week apart. But regardless, looking at both sets of images, it's readily apparent Holmes hasn't lost "35 pounds," nor is she "wasting away." She pretty much looks the same, and pictures of Holmes through the years show she has always been thin.

What's also notable is that just over a month ago, the tabloid's sister outlet, Globe, did its own story contending Holmes was desperate to lose weight to keep Jamie Foxx's interest after supposedly gaining 25 pounds. In that piece, it was alleged she was "mushrooming from 121 [pounds] to 146." Now it's claimed Holmes has gone from 150 pounds to 115 in the span of a single week. Clearly, this doesn't make much sense. And as photos then and now prove, Holmes' size hasn't changed at all. Additionally, a spokesperson for the "Dawson's Creek" star tells Gossip Cop it's "not true" she's losing weight over a nonexistent custody battle.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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