Katie Holmes “Using” Jamie Foxx For “Career Comeback”?

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Katie Holmes Using Jamie Foxx Career Comeback

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Using Jamie Foxx Career Comeback

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Katie Holmes is NOT “using” Jamie Foxx for a “career comeback,” despite an absurd story. Gossip Cop can debunk the report.

According to OK!, Holmes is “using” her supposed “relationship” with Foxx to “get ahead,” and “loves the benefits of her association with the Hollywood star.” Regurgitating already-corrected claims of an engagement, the tabloid claims “Holmes has no problem with the industry attention she’s getting from the talk surrounding herself and Foxx.”

“Since they’ve started hooking up he’s introduced her to so many big producers and power players, it’s a massive turn-on to her and something she’s taken full advantage of,” a so-called “source” is quoting as saying. The alleged tipster further claims, “One of the most attractive things about Katie is how respected and influential he is in Hollywood.” The outlet’s supposed snitch goes on to say, “Suddenly the script offers are flooding in and she’s one of the most popular faces in town.” And so, OK! declares, Holmes’ “relationship with Foxx may soon make her rumored Hollywood comeback reality!”

But, um, what “rumored Hollywood comeback”? Holmes had multiple movies come out in both 2014 and 2015, had a recurring role on “Ray Donovan,” and is slated to shoot another miniseries about the Kennedys. The actress isn’t hurting for work, but being selective, in large part because she prioritizes the most important role of all: Being mom to daughter Suri.

In addition, the notion that she’s “using” Foxx to further her career makes no sense when she hasn’t even confirmed their relationship. They haven’t been seen going on a date, walking a red carpet together, mingling at Hollywood parties or even doing a grocery store run. If Holmes was really trying to boost her career through Foxx, wouldn’t they at least go public?

And it’s also telling that this OK! piece makes no mention of a few important things, like the BABY GIRL the tabloid claimed Holmes and Foxx were expecting earlier this month. The magazine can keep coming up with whatever new angles it wants. But all it shows is a bizarre form of creativity, not accuracy.

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Katie Holmes is using Jamie Foxx for a career comeback.


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