Katie Holmes “Upset” Tom Cruise Doesn’t Spend Time With Suri Is Made-Up Story

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Katie Holmes Upset Tom Cruise Suri

By Holly Nicol |

Katie Holmes Upset Tom Cruise Suri

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A new report alleging Katie Holmes is “upset” Tom Cruise doesn’t spend time with their daughter Suri is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this latest lie. We’re told it’s a complete fabrication.

The repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife claims to know how Holmes is “coping” with being a “single parent.” The outlet quotes a seemingly fake “insider” as saying, “Does Katie wish Suri could see her dad more often? Absolutely.” The site, which is often referred to as HollywoodLies because of its fibbing habit, then has its so-called “source” add, “[Holmes] wants Suri to have the most normal childhood that she possibly can and she’s doing an incredible job making that happen, considering the circumstances.” But the online publication isn’t offering anything new or exclusive about Holmes’s parenting, and is simply proving once again how little it truly knows about the actress.

Let’s examine, for instance, the phony source’s contention about whether Holmes wishes his daughter would see Cruise “more often”? What exactly would be “more often” than him having not seen Suri in years? Hilariously, earlier this week Gossip Cop corrected that same questionable site when it falsely asserted Holmes and Cruise “co-parent” their daughter. “Co-parent?” Again, Cruise has had virtually no contact with Suri for years.

Now the creative writers at HollywoodLies allege Holmes is suddenly “upset” over Cruise’s absence? She hasn’t been bothered by his disappearing act for nearly a half-decade. Simply, the site has concocted yet another lie. If the outlet had real sources, it wouldn’t have reported earlier this month that Cruise was “envious” of Holmes’ romance with Jamie Foxx since both exes have clearly moved on.

If nothing else, it should become abundantly clear to readers that all of HollywoodLife’s recent articles about Holmes, involving Cruise and Foxx, are nothing more than fake news. Regardless, Gossip Cop still checked in with a Holmes confidante, who assures us the latest article is a fabrication.

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