Katie Holmes “Still Trying” For Tom Cruise To “Connect” With Daughter Suri?

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Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Connect Suri

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Connect Suri

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Is Katie Holmes “still trying” to get Tom Cruise to “connect” with their daughter Suri? That’s what one sketchy site is trying to get people to believe. But Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to Celebrity Insider, “A simple conversation is all that Katie Holmes is begging Tom Cruise for, and the newest rumors circulating on the Internet claims he has denied her of it.” The webloid alleges the actress “reached out to Cruise’s entourage and spokesperson begging for a brief telephone conversation” so she can “reintroduce Suri to her father.” But, contends the blog, “Sources claimed that she was snubbed by the people representing the Mission: Impossible 6 star.”

The outlet tries to back up these contentions by referring to the fabrication factory known as HollywoodLife, which in September made-up a story claiming Holmes is “upset” Cruise doesn’t spend time with Suri. After regurgitating that debunked misinformation from a few months ago, Celebrity Insider further asserts, “What is somewhat odd is that despite the fact that Cruise is absent from Suri’s life, he is attempting to dictate what she can and cannot do — he does not want her to be in showbiz.”

Actually, the allegation that Cruise is furious over Suri supposedly going into show business was made-up by an Australian tabloid and Gossip Cop called it out a few days ago. Of course, the reality is Cruise hasn’t seen even Suri in several years. So what this story contains is a mixture of claims that have already been busted and new claims about Holmes purportedly reaching out to Cruise’s camp in hopes of reconnecting him with Suri, only to be rebuffed. Well, shock of shocks, those assertions are made-up, too.

Holmes is not trying to reestablish a relationship between Cruise and their daughter and she has not reached out to his “entourage and spokesperson,” Gossip Cop can confirm with sources connected to the actress. She has been raising the 11-year-old on her own for several years now and quite successfully. As seen in photos, Holmes and Suri live a very rich, well-rounded life that includes everything from dance class to sporting events. And thanks to the actress’ extended family, there are multiple male influences in her daughter’s life.

While arguably nothing and no one can replace Cruise as Suri’s father, he has led this estrangement and Holmes is not actively trying to change it. It’s unclear what sparked these so-called “newest rumors” about an attempted reunion, but they’re completely false.

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