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Did Katie Holmes take Jamie Foxx back after a cheating scandal? That's what one tabloid wants readers to believe. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the story.

In September, the National Enquirer falsely accused Foxx of "betraying" Holmes with a "Russian mistress" and other alleged paramours. Not only did the actor's rep exclusively tell Gossip Cop that the claims were fabricated, but we also once again explained that Holmes and Foxx are not in a committed, exclusive, serious relationship. That's still the case today, but the gossip magazine is now trying to further its narrative by claiming that after her "heart was broken" by Foxx's supposed "flings," Holmes is "letting the shameless star crawl back into her life."

As evidence, the outlet points to Holmes supporting Foxx at an event earlier this month. As multiple publications reported, the pair did not take any photos together and gave no indication that they are a couple aside from simply being at the same gathering. But a so-called "insider" supposedly tells the supermarket tabloid, "Katie is treading carefully. It's pretty surprising she's giving Jamie another shot."

"She's particularly concerned for Suri, her daughter with Tom [Cruise]," this alleged source continues in unnecessarily expository language. The purported snitch maintains Holmes is "worried about having Jamie be a part of Suri's life if they won't take the next step." The next step? The National Enquirer already claimed, albeit falsely, that Holmes and Foxx were "secretly married" in a wedding last year, with Suri serving as the maid of honor. Unsurprisingly, that lie is conveniently not mentioned in this new tale about Holmes giving Foxx a "final chance."

And at the same time, the magazine is also contending that Holmes and Foxx are "still trying to hide" their romance. If that was the case, why would they have an "insider" close to them leak details to a tabloid? The truth, of course, is that no real person connected to either star is talking to this outlet about their dynamic, which remains casual. Holmes and Foxx see each other when they can and are not engaged in a full-on love affair.

The notion that the actress is "devastated" by the time he spends with other women is false. Each remains free to do as they please. For the sake of drama and scandal, this publication is turning Foxx into a cad and Holmes into a scorned woman. Those roles aren't legitimate, and neither is this article. In fact, Gossip Cop can prove just how clueless and misleading the outlet actually is.

To boost its allegation that Holmes and Foxx are involved in an illicit romance, the magazine boasts that it "snapped photos of the pair individually being shadowed by the same bodyguard." In actuality, the guy in question, Dave Osokow, is Foxx's close friend and business partner. The aforementioned event was for their eyewear line, Prive (see photo below). Osokow spoke with Holmes at the party, just as he spoke to many people. The fact that he was individually photographed with the actress and Foxx has nothing to do with their relationship. And, contrary to the claims, a bodyguard he is most definitely not.

Jamie Foxx Dave Osokow

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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