Katie Holmes Fears Tom Cruise’s Daughter Bella Will Recruit Suri For Scientology?

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Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Suri Bella

By Andrew Shuster |

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Suri Bella

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A tabloid claims Katie Holmes fears her daughter Suri is going to be recruited for Scientology by Tom Cruise’s 26-year-old daughter Bella. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to Woman’s Day Australia, the actress is disturbed by recent reports that her former stepdaughter, who’s Suri’s half-sister, has been rising in the ranks of the controversial religion. An alleged insider tells the outlet, “Bella helped raise Suri when she was a little girl – they adored each other. Katie knows Suri will never forget the bond they shared when they were a happy family. She’s concerned Bella and Tom might make the most of that bond now that Suri’s older.”

The supposed source adds, “Katie has nothing against Bella but she went to the ends of the earth to get Suri out of Scientology.” Holmes won full custody of Suri in her 2012 divorce from Cruise, but the outlet’s tipster says the actress believes the church will come after her daughter now that she’s about to become a teenager. “The church isn’t going to forget in a hurry how she beat them,” adds the seemingly phony source. “She wouldn’t put it past them to use Bella to lure Suri back… She wants to keep her girl especially close during her crucial and impressionable teenage years.”

The tabloid’s report is based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “insider,” but Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes’ spokesperson, who tells us on the record it’s all untrue. The magazine hides behind an unidentified “source” to sell its phony story, but a rep for the actress confirms it’s complete fiction.

It’s worth noting, Suri has been estranged from her father for several years and there’s no indication she has much of a relationship with her older half-sister. Additionally, Suri won’t exactly be an adult when she turns 13 later this month. Holmes still has full custody of the young girl, who doesn’t appear to have seen Bella in many years.

Just last week, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day for wrongly reporting that Holmes was adopting a brother for Suri. The tabloid contended the actress was taking home a seven-year-old boy from a Syrian refugee camp in Greece. Not only was the story completely untrue, but this latest article makes no mention of the actress preparing for the arrival of another child. If Suri were getting a little brother, one would think that development would be worth mentioning.

Back in December, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for making up a story about Holmes and Jamie Foxx adopting an orphaned girl from New Orleans. That obviously didn’t happen either. It’s evident at this point that the publication has zero insight into the actress’s personal life.


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