Katie Holmes Never Did “Tell-All” About Tom Cruise Marriage, Despite Report A Year Ago

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Tell All

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Tell All

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Katie Holmes never did a “tell-all” about her marriage to Tom Cruise, despite a report from a year ago claiming the actress planned to spill all of her ex-husband’s secrets. Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the claim this time last year. Not only has time has proven it to be untrue, but a rep for Holmes confirmed she has no intention of publicly discussing her marriage.

On April 17, 2017, the National Enquirer published a bogus article maintaining that Holmes was going to make “confessions” about her marriage to Cruise, Scientology and the actor’s estrangement from their daughter Suri. We corrected the story after Holmes’ spokesperson assured us it was completely “false.” In the 12 months since Gossip Cop busted the report, the actress hasn’t spoken about Cruise in any capacity, let alone revealed the movie star’s “secrets.”

It’s worth noting, the untrustworthy outlet never mentioned whether Holmes’ supposed tell-all would be in the form of a memoir, a TV interview or some other capacity. That lack of detail was a major red flag at the time the article emerged, and it’s become apparent why the magazine wasn’t able to explain the platform for the “tell-all.” There isn’t one, nor is there going to be one.

Still, the tabloid insisted 365 days ago that Holmes might “single-handedly take down” Scientology by exposing Cruise as a “controlling egomaniac” who mistreated her and Suri. “She’s out of revenge,” a seemingly nonexistent insider had told the publication. Once again, these claims were and remain baseless and, of course, never came to fruition.

Actually, the actress has done several interviews over the past year, but Cruise was never mentioned in any of them. Last month, Holmes reunited with the cast of “Dawson’s Creek” for the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Shortly before that, Holmes spoke to Women’s Health about her fitness regimen. In neither of those high-profile and widely disseminated interviews, for example, did the actress discuss Cruise.

Holmes also appeared on a number of talk shows over the past year, including “Today,” “Good Morning America” and Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.” Cruise’s name never came up in any of these interviews either. Now a full year has passed and the actress still has no plans to “tell-all” about her ex-husband. In fact, Gossip Cop checked in with Holmes’ rep again after that story first ran in April 2017 and we were assured that all talk of her doing some type of expose interview about Cruise and Scientology is 100 percent wrong.


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