Truth About Tom Cruise Taking Suri Away From Katie Holmes On Christmas

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A photo of Tom Cruise in a black suit next to a photo of Katie Holmes in a white tank top

By Hugh Scott |

A photo of Tom Cruise in a black suit next to a photo of Katie Holmes in a white tank top

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Tom Cruise didn’t take his daughter Suri away from Katie Holmes on Christmas last year, despite a tabloid claiming he would do so. The piece was discredited by Gossip Cop exactly one year ago. Time has proven our debunking to be correct.

As the holidays approach, we’re looking back at an article Star published on November 28, 2018, alleging Cruise was trying to take his daughter from Holmes on Christmas. The magazine claimed the Top Gun star was pushing for a holiday reunion with his estranged daughter. A so-called insider said, “Katie’s absolutely panicking over the fact that she may lose Suri for the holidays. Tom’s been completely absent from Suri’s life for years. She has no idea why he’s walking back in now – especially since he knows how important Christmas is to Katie.” The supposed source when on to claim that Cruise’s real motivation was on the orders of the Church Of Scientology, as it was “pushing for this reunion” in order to improve the actor’s image.

The whole article was completely bogus, as Gossip Cop reported at the time. Despite the tabloids often claiming a “reunion” between Cruise and Suri is imminent, the star and his 13-year-old daughter have remain estranged for several years. Holmes has full custody of Suri and lives in New York City, while Cruise splits time between various homes, including in Los Angeles and in Clearwater, Florida. The actor never intended to “take Suri away” from Holmes last Christmas. Gossip Cop confirmed the story wasn’t true with Holmes’ rep, and a year later, we can confirm that no reunion took place at Christmas or at any other time this year.

This wasn’t the first time Star published a phony report about a reunion. In June 2018, the tabloid claimed Cruise and Holmes were working out a new custody agreement that would lead to the Mission: Impossible star seeing his daughter again. That came after a bogus article from the same outlet in January saying Cruise was quitting Scientology to be reunited with Suri. Both stories were untrue, as Gossip Cop reported.

Despite being busted for its false reporting last year, Star continued to push this false narrative in 2019. Just last month, it alleged Holmes was setting up a meeting between Cruise and Suri. In the article, a supposed source told the magazine the teenager reached out to her dad with a “heartbreaking email” asking to see him again. That never happened. The two are still estranged, just as they have been for years. Gossip Cop will continue to monitor the story for any changes, but the tabloids are simply exploiting the situation with fiction.


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