Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Finding Way For Actor To See Daughter Suri Again?

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Suri

By Michael Lewittes |

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Suri

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Are Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise trying to find a way for him to see daughter Suri after all these years? That was the premise of a tabloid’s story from 12 months ago today. Gossip Cop looked into the report back then and was assured it was untrue, and now a year later there should be no question the magazine’s tale was nothing more than a work of fiction.

Last year, Star maintained Holmes and Cruise were trying to find a way for Suri to reconnect with her dad. To back up its claim, the outlet said it was told by an unnamed source that Holmes was initially hesitant to allow her ex-husband to spend time with Suri, but after he agreed to not try to get their daughter to rejoin the Church of Scientology, the actress signed off on the father-daughter visit. Of course, 365 days have passed and there was no such meeting between Cruise and Suri.

At Gossip Cop noted at the time, the tabloid’s article was predicated on an anonymous, unaccountable, and possibly manufactured source. Conversely, Holmes’ own rep told us the magazine’s narrative was simply made-up. To be sure, the publication has had a poor track record in the past with its reports about those stars, and it has not gotten noticeably better since its piece about Cruise and Holmes trying to work out a deal for him to have a reunion with Suri.

For instance, in January the magazine falsely asserted Cruise and Suri had a reunion in Orlando right before New Year’s. That never happened, Holmes’ spokesperson confirmed to Gossip Cop. And just last week, we debunked the tabloid’s cover story which wrongly and bizarrely contended Holmes told Suri that Cruise is not her “real dad.” That tale was also a complete fabrication.

It should also be mentioned how all these claims have come from the very same outlet that insisted on its cover that Holmes was having a “miracle baby” with Jamie Foxx. A little more than nine months have gone by, and clearly Holmes hasn’t given birth to another child. Suffice to say, time is not the friend of magazines that publish inaccurate articles.

In fact, that’s the motivation for Gossip Cop looking back at the piece about Holmes and Cruise trying to find a way for him to see Suri again. On occasion we re-examine stories from a year ago to remind readers how they need to question tabloids tales that are hinged on the remarks of untraceable sources. Conversely, each and every one of our fact-checked articles had a rep on the record committing to their comments. The more transparency and responsibility there is in a report, the more reliable it is.


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