Katie Holmes Told Suri That Tom Cruise Is Not Her Real Dad?

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Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Suri Dad

By Andrew Shuster |

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Suri Dad


Katie Holmes did not tell her daughter Suri that Tom Cruise isn’t her “real dad,” despite a ridiculous tabloid cover story. In addition to the report being untrue, the headline is a bait-and-switch designed to trick readers into believing Cruise isn’t the young girl’s biological father. Gossip Cop can clear up the situation.

The cover of this week’s Star features the dramatic headline, “Tom’s Not Suri’s Dad! Inside Katie’s Tearful Confession.” The publication also teases, “Inside: Her REAL Father Revealed!” Those passing by newsstands would naturally assume this means that the movie star didn’t actually father Suri. The inside article, however, clarifies that Holmes sat down Suri on her 13th birthday and told her that Cruise “will never be a real father to her,” in the conventional sense of the word. This never happened either, but it’s always a red flag when a tabloid attempts to dupe readers by promising a more scandalous premise on its cover.

Cruise has been estranged from his daughter for several years, and according to the outlet, Holmes finally decided to confront the matter when Suri turned 13 in April. “Tom’s absence from Suri’s life has always grown more conspicuous over the years, and there’s simply no way to keep tiptoeing around it,” a supposed source tells the magazine.

The anonymous insider further alleges that Suri has been “acting out” as a result of not having her dad around, “being defiant and talking back” to her mom. “It’s understandable that she would blame the messenger, but Katie has never seen her like this,” adds the questionable tipster.

From there, the so-called “source” maintains that Jamie Foxx is playing the role of Suri’s “father figure,” adding, “Jamie thinks of Suri as one of his own, and treats her as such. She’s actually closer to him than she ever was to Tom.”

The tabloid’s story is based on claims from a possibly fictitious “insider,” but Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes’ spokesperson, who tells us on the record it’s completely absurd. Every aspect of the outlet’s article, including the supposed sit-down between the actress and her daughter, Suri reacting poorly to the news about her dad and Foxx bonding with the young girl, is total fiction.

In fact, People magazine recently reported that Holmes and Foxx spend time together “when they can,” but they also have their own lives and “give each other space.” Simply put, the couple has a somewhat unconventional relationship and it doesn’t include the actor raising Holmes’ daughter.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop busted Star last November for falsely claiming Cruise was trying to take Suri away from Holmes on Christmas. Prior to that, the magazine wrongly reported that Cruise and Holmes were working out a new custody agreement so he could reunite with Suri. Shortly before that, the tabloid published a bogus cover story about Cruise quitting Scientology to reunite with his daughter. The unreliable outlet has no insight into the situation and instead peddles out a wide range of narratives, all of which are false and contradictory.


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