Katie Holmes Ordered To Give Suri To Tom Cruise For Christmas?

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Katie Holmes in a white shirt and black skirt next to a photo of Tome Cruise in a black suit.

By Hugh Scott |

Katie Holmes in a white shirt and black skirt next to a photo of Tome Cruise in a black suit.

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Katie Holmes has not been “ordered” to give her daughter Suri to Tom Cruise for Christmas. A tabloid reporting that’s the case is wrong. Gossip Cop has looked into the matter and we can debunk it.

A new item in Woman’s Day purports that Cruise is on the verge of seeing his 13-year-old daughter after being estranged from her for several years. The sketchy report quotes a supposed “insider” as saying, “Tom’s been fighting for visitation rights for a long time and has finally won his battle to have Suri for Christmas.” The so-called insider adds that a judge has ordered Holmes, who lives in New York City with her daughter, to send Suri to California for the holiday. Holmes has had full custody of Suri since the couple divorced in 2012.

Cruise also has two adopted adult children, Isabella and Connor, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman. The bogus article goes on to quote this anonymous insider as saying, “The last time Tom was with all three of his children was in 2012, when he spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with all of them. After seven years, he is incredibly excited about having them under one roof for the holidays. Tom is planning on spending the day with all of them in Los Angeles.” It should be noted, the actor’s home base is near the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida.

The tabloid goes on to allege Cruise has “vowed to respect” Holmes’ wishes that he not push Scientology on Suri. The dubious insider adds, “He’d be a fool to go against that and destroy any hopes of having his daughter again in the future.”

For a supposed insider, the tabloid’s source is missing some important details. Where did this court order come from? There’s no mention of when a judge made this order, either. Court records in family court are usually kept from the public, but it’s immediately suspicious that no reputable news outlet is reporting this. Sensing that the story was bogus, Gossip Cop checked with Holmes’ spokesperson, who confirmed it’s all untrue. The actress’s rep dismisses the article as flat-out “lies.”

The story is very reminiscent of a phony piece in Star almost exactly a year ago. Right after Thanksgiving last year, that outlet published a false report claiming Cruise was trying to take Suri away from Holmes on Christmas. That article contended it was the Church of Scientology that was pushing the Mission: Impossible star to “give Suri the best Christmas ever.” The story was also busted by Gossip Cop. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, we updated the story, as the imaginary reunion never happened.

Woman’s Day’s reporting on Cruise and Holmes regarding Suri has been poor in the past as well. In April, the tabloid alleged Holmes was upset because Cruise daughter Isabella wanted to recruit Suri for Scientology. Like this latest phony report, the outlet quoted an unnamed insider whose intel couldn’t have been more wrong. Gossip Cop confirmed the story was false after checking with Holmes’ rep, who told us it was made up, just like this latest tall tale.


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