Katie Holmes Getting Revenge On Tom Cruise With Jamie Foxx, Scientology Movie?

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Katie Holmes Tom Cruise

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Katie Holmes Tom Cruise

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Katie Holmes did not try to get “revenge” on Tom Cruise with Jamie Foxx or a by doing a film that challenges Scientology’s beliefs, despite a report from one year ago today. Gossip Cop corrected the factually inaccurate story 12 months ago, and it’s even more clear now that the article was completely untrue.

On September 17, 2017, RadarOnline maintained Holmes was “parading her romance” with Foxx to needle Cruise and doing a movie about therapy that runs counter to some of the beliefs espoused by Scientology. An alleged “source” was quoted by the site as saying the actress is a big “advocate of therapy,” which is why she decided to star in an adaptation of the best-selling self-help book The Secret. Holmes, asserted the outlet’s supposed tipster, hoped she can use the film to “defy Scientology’s views of therapy.” According to the blog, Holmes’s romance with Foxx and appearance in The Secret would be the “ultimate slap in Tom’s face.”

Of course, Holmes never sought to exact “revenge” on Cruise in the six years since their split, nor has she been an “advocate of therapy.” And far from “parading her romance,” for the most part Holmes and Foxx have kept their relationship under the radar. Additionally, The Secret has nothing to do with defying “Scientology’s views of therapy.” As widely reported when the book came out about 12 years ago, The Secret is about achieving goals after envisioning and believing in them. Therapy is not a theme of the bestseller.

It should also be noted that while Holmes was initially tied to The Secret in 2017 there hasn’t been much news about the film adaptation of the book. There have been no follow-up stories, nor has there been anything connecting the actress to the movie on Holmes’ IMDb page or on the page of Andy Tennant, who was slated to direct it. (Update: In late September, it was reported that the film got funding and is now slated to begin production in New Orleans.)

Regardless, since RadarOnline’s inaccurate article, the website has published a number of other untrue reports, including that Holmes and Foxx had called off their wedding and split this past summer. But the reality is the two never had any marriage plans, nor did they breakup, as confirmed by both their reps on the record. Much like that tall tale, the story about Holmes trying to get revenge on Cruise with Foxx and starring in a movie challenging Scientology wasn’t true 365 days ago, and it remains false to this day.


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