Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise NOT Set For “Explosive Showdown In Court” Over Suri

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Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Fight

By Daniel Gates |

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Fight

(In Touch)

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are NOT set for an “explosive showdown in court,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the In Touch story, which alleges the exes are going to have a new battle over daughter Suri and Cruise’s child support payments.

According to the magazine, Holmes is ready to challenge Cruise if he “resists her efforts to get more money.” A so-called “source” for the outlet explains, “Katie is really upset… she feels she’s left to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to parenting Suri.” The actress is said to be furious about Cruise’s absence from their daughter’s life. “She will go to court if she has to,” says an In Touch source. “She’s a mama bear protecting her cub.”

In Touch spends a lot of time trying to heighten the drama between Holmes and Cruise. “She’s not afraid of him anymore,” a source tells the tabloid. “Katie’s convinced she has the strength to do it now, and it’d be utterly humiliating for him to face off with her in court now. She’s not the same person she was when they split. She’s taken control of her life and is tougher and ready to stand up to Tom again.”

The magazine believes that Holmes is going to activate the clause in her divorce agreement that permits her to ask Cruise for more money if circumstances have significantly changed since it was signed back in 2012. Because Cruise has spent much of the last year-plus overseas, away from his daughter, In Touch says Holmes is plotting to go after his money. “The timing makes sense for her to ask now,” some random lawyer who represents neither Cruise nor Holmes tells In Touch. “Suri is doing more, and if Tom is choosing to not be around — and that is a choice — he’ll have to pay.”

Wow, so when is this alleged court showdown happening? When is Holmes going to squeeze Cruise for more money? When is the “explosive” “war” set to launch? Try a week from… never. In Touch has no idea what it’s talking about. A rep for Holmes tells Gossip Cop exclusively that she has NO plans to make war with Cruise. The report of a looming legal battle is a “complete fabrication,” we’re told.


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