Katie Holmes NOT Telling All About Tom Cruise Marriage, Despite Report

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Katie Holmes Telling All

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Telling All

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Katie Holmes is not preparing to “tell all” about her marriage to Tom Cruise, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the untrue tabloid story.

The National Enquirer claims in its current issue that Holmes is going to make “confessions” about “Scientology, her marriage and her secret sex life.” These “blockbuster secrets,” contends the supermarket tabloid, will “destroy” Cruise, whom Holmes divorced in 2012. A so-called “top-level source” tells the outlet the actor will be “exposed” as a “controlling egomaniac,” and the “truth” about his estrangement from their daughter Suri “will come to light.”

The magazine’s purported tipster even alleges Holmes could “single-handedly take down” Scientology with her revelations, because she “knows where all of the bodies are buried.” And, “out of revenge,” the publication’s “source” maintains that Holmes is ready to “talk about what happened to her, and how much better off she is now.” Notably, though the tabloid claims the actress is “set to spill” all the “explosive detail[s]” of her marriage to Cruise, it’s never said where or how.

The outlet doesn’t seem to know if Holmes is planning a memoir or a sit-down television interview or what. That’s probably because no such plans exist. The “Dawson’s Creek” star has no intention of dishing on Cruise, their relationship, or Scientology. Asked about the claims Holmes is going to be “telling all,” the actress’s rep exclusively assures Gossip Cop it’s “false.”

The National Enquirer has spent years printing falsehoods related to Holmes, from the silly (Holmes is spending $20,000 to fix her teeth) to the serious (Jamie Foxx is adopting Suri). Gossip Cop’s busts of these untruths have stood the test of time, and even Holmes has spoken out about the misinformation. In an interview published last month, Holmes said of the tabloids, “What they print isn’t true.” And that’s the truth.

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