Katie Holmes “Grateful Suri Has Male Role Model” In Jamie Foxx Is Fake News

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Katie Holmes Suri Male Role Model

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Suri Male Role Model

(Katie Holmes/Instagram)

A story proclaiming Katie Holmes is “grateful” that Suri Cruise has a “male role model” to look up to in Jamie Foxx is fake news. This report, which is completely made up, was manufactured to continue a false narrative about Holmes and Foxx supposedly being a serious couple. Allow Gossip Cop to explain.

Ever since a paparazzo secretly took photos of Holmes and Foxx on a beach earlier this month and sold them to the gossip media, HollywoodLife has been selling readers a bucket of lies. Though the outing was nothing more than a friendly stroll between two stars who hang out when their schedules allow, the webloid has been using the pictures to claim Holmes and Foxx are in a full-on love affair. Since the images emerged, the site has published more than a dozen articles designed to further this inaccurate storyline. Gossip Cop detailed this at length in our Holmes-Foxx fact versus fiction feature.

The latest example is headlined, “Katie Holmes So Grateful Suri Has ‘Strong Male Role Model’ In Jamie Foxx After Tom Cruise Divorce.” The accompanying post begins, “While Tom Cruise may not be in his daughter Suri’s life as much as mom Katie Holmes would like, we learned exclusively Katie isn’t sweating it. After all, Suri has Katie’s BF Jamie Foxx as a strong male figure in her life!” This is not a matter of Cruise not being in Suri’s life as much as Holmes would like. He’s not in his daughter’s life period, which the outlet doesn’t seem to understand given that, in another recent story, it falsely said Cruise and Holmes co-parent the 11-year-old. Furthermore, Foxx isn’t actually Holmes’ “boyfriend,” nor is he a “strong male figure” in Suri’s life. As Gossip Cop has already reported, the young girl hasn’t even met the actor.

Yet HollywoodLies is pretending to have a so-called “source close to Katie,” who supposedly asserts, “Suri’s extremely close to her grandfather — Katie’s dad — and she’s also got Jamie in her life now as another strong male role model. It might not be exactly perfect as far as how much involvement Tom has in Suri’s life, but Katie doesn’t feel like her daughter is lacking.” Again: Cruise has no involvement in Suri’s life and Foxx plays no role in it, either. Of course, if the blog actually had a real source, it would know that.

Instead, the outlet goes on to repeat quotes from a prior story, in which a purported “insider” maintained, “Katie is attracted to Jamie partly because he is so caring to her daughter Suri. Jamie treats Suri like one of his own daughters.” It sounds very sweet but this is no happily ever after. As hard as the webloid is trying to make it seem like Holmes and Foxx are wrapped up in some fairytale, it’s just not true. And frankly, while it’s bad enough to try to capitalize on interest in the actors with fake news, it’s even worse to drag in and exploit an innocent child in this misguided quest for traffic. Holmes may occasionally put her daughter in the spotlight by sharing photos like the one above, but that doesn’t give the site the right to use Suri for its made-up stories.

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