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Did Katie Holmes' daughter Suri Cruise help her buy a new wardrobe following her split from Jamie Foxx? That's the false story featured in one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop has learned it's totally fabricated.

"From Frumpy To Foxxy! Katie's Revenge Makeover" reads a headline in the latest issue of Life & Style. The accompanying article says Holmes is ditching "her usual uniform of baggy tees and mom jeans" in an effort to show Foxx what he's missing. "Out with the old, in the with the new. That's Katie's new mantra," a supposed source tells the outlet.

The alleged tipster goes on to say that Holmes' 13-year-old daughter "loved helping her mom buy a closet full of designer clothes" as a way of boosting her spirits following her breakup. The anonymous source further contends that Foxx is suddenly "blown away by Katie's new look," but the actor "may be out of luck" as "men are lining up to date her now."

The tabloid's ridiculous story seems to be based on the simple fact that Holmes got dressed up for New York Fashion Week earlier this month. The actress didn't glam up for the event to make any sort of statement about her split from Foxx. In reality, she's a regular attendee of the annual function. As for not wearing "baggy tees and mom jeans" to the event, it's not shocking that the actress looked more glamorous at NYFW than she does when paparazzi snap photos of her strolling around New York City with her daughter.

Gossip Cop ran the tabloid's story by Holmes' spokesperson, who dismissed it as "crazy" before noting that the actress "has always been fashionable." The actress's rep further points out that Holmes "had her own clothing label" a few years back. We're further assured that Suri didn't help her mom buy a new wardrobe to lift her spirits and reinvent herself following her breakup with Foxx.

Earlier this week, Gossip Cop busted Life & Style for making up a similar story about Holmes getting a "revenge makeover" following her split from Foxx. The actress hasn't changed her style in any way in the wake of her recent breakup. This narrative is just a weak attempt at capitalizing on the news that Holmes and Foxx have ended their casual romance. The actress's choice of clothing has nothing to do with the situation.

It should also be noted, Gossip Cop called out one of Life & Style's sister publications, the Globe, in January for wrongly reporting Holmes and Foxx were getting married. The tabloid clearly knew nothing about the exes' relationship when they were together, and it has no more insight into their split.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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