Katie Holmes Doesn’t Allow Suri Cruise To Play With Friends?

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Katie Holmes Suri Friends

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Suri Friends

(Katie Holmes/Instagram)

Katie Holmes doesn’t allow Suri Cruise to play with friends? That’s the bizarre claim that has surfaced online. Gossip Cop, however, knows the truth.

“Katie Holmes’ Overprotective Behaviors Hurting Suri Cruise’s Childhood: Not Allowed To Play With Friends?” states a headline from Celeb Dirty Laundry, which writes, “Is Katie Holmes keeping her daughter Suri Cruise in a bubble? That’s what fans can’t help but wonder, as there’s a new report that says the Hollywood actress and her overprotective ways are affecting Suri’s childhood. In fact, insiders are worried that Suri’s well being might be at stake simply because Katie doesn’t allow her to play with friends her own age.”

Picking up these claims from OK!, the site quotes a tabloid “source” as saying, “Katie’s super-controlling with Suri’s social circle, she insists on vetting any kids and their families before they’re allowed to hang out with Suri. It’s driven a lot of Suri’s friends away, not that she had many to begin with.”

The webloid goes on to claim, “If that weren’t enough, many sources say that 10-year-old Suri feels very lonely. She has very few people to hang out with her own age. Even though Katie spends a lot of time with Suri by taking her shopping, to amusement parks, and to restaurants, she’s not allowed to go on playdates.”

Still, CDL acknowledges, “Of course, no one knows what is really going on behind closed doors except Katie Holmes herself.” And that’s why the outlet has a lot of gall regurgitating these allegations unchecked. If the webloid admittedly doesn’t know what’s really going on, why spread unverified claims?

Well, to be sensational and score web traffic, of course, which are far from respectable motives. But Gossip Cop actually investigated, and we’ve learned that none of these assertions are remotely accurate. While Holmes obviously wants to ensure her daughter’s friends and their families are sincere and safe, as any parent would, she is in no way preventing Suri from having friendships or going on playdates.

In fact, Holmes has taken Suri and her pals out on numerous occasions. These stories contending otherwise are, quite simply, wrong.

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