Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Did NOT “Split Over Scientology,” Despite Report

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Katie Holmes Split Jamie Foxx Scientology

By Michael Lewittes |

Katie Holmes Split Jamie Foxx Scientology

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx did not “split” because of Scientology, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told the story is a “complete fabrication.”

According to the National Enquirer, Foxx and Holmes split up “one month after he splashed out a whopping $35,000 on one night on Mexico to celebrate her birthday.” The often disproven tabloid alleges, “Sources blamed Scientology from the break-up.” The publication then quotes a so-called “source close to the actor” as claiming, “Jamie is upset with Katie’s constant paranoia about Scientology… He feels like if he can’t protect Katie, then she’ll never be safe.” “So at some point he had to give up,” adds the supposed Foxx insider.

The magazine dramatically asserts Holmes is afraid Scientologists will “brainwash” her daughter Suri into leaving her. “She’s looking out the window all the time, and when she’s not with Suri, Katie’s checking every message,” contends the publication’s questionable source. “This isn’t what Jamie signed on for,” concludes the outlet’s either misinformed or possibly made-up “insider.”

Gossip Cop is not even sure where to begin. Though close, Holmes and Foxx did not spend her birthday in Mexico. No pictures or actual eyewitnesses ever emerged with that information. It was a fake news story that spread.

Therefore, there wasn’t a split, and it most assuredly was not a result of Scientology. Holmes and her daughter live their lives normally, and are not paranoid about the religion, nor is the actress concerned about her daughter being brainwashed and leaving her. All the Enquirer has done is found a phony excuse to explain why Foxx and Holmes are not publicly seen together.

Separately, Gossip Cop has been around Holmes on a number of occasions, and she certainly does not live in fear or constantly check her messages. Regardless, we checked with her rep, who calls the tabloid’s tale “crazy” and “stupid.” But that’s not all. A spokesperson for Foxx also tells Gossip Cop the publication’s article is a “complete fabrication.”

It’s interesting that that Enquirer used the would “split” instead of divorce, because several months ago the tabloid reported Foxx and Holmes were “secretly married.” Of course, Gossip Cop was to the first to call out the magazine for that falsehood and many others, including the untrue claim that Holmes and Foxx were going to have a baby. Much like those seemingly made-up articles, the latest about them having “split over Scientology” is also 100 percent wrong.