Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx “Split” Report NOT True

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Katie Holmes Split Jamie Foxx Breakup

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Split Jamie Foxx Breakup

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have not “split.” You can’t split from someone you’re not in a serious relationship with. Gossip Cop can expose how one tabloid is trying to twist the truth.

In this week’s issue of Life & Style, a headline announces, “Katie & Jamie: After Three Years It’s Over.” The accompanying story claims the two “had been talking marriage,” but will now “go their separate ways.” Of course, their “ways” are “separate” for the most part, but the magazine wants readers to believe they just “quietly and suddenly ended their relationship recently.”

“At one point, Katie thought he’d be her husband. They talked about getting married,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “But they got wrapped up in their careers and she realized he really wasn’t a settle-down kind of guy. In the end, the split was mutual.”

The supposed source goes on to say of Holmes, “She didn’t think he could really commit… They just weren’t making time for each other. Katie was heartbroken at first when she realized the romance was over. But now she’s moving on.”

But if Holmes and Foxx have been seriously dating for the last “three years,” why did Life & Style run a story in February 2015 (just over a year ago) describing the actress as “lonely,” “isolated,” and “reclusive”? That piece specifically said she had “no romantic prospects” with “no one on the horizon.” The tabloid is likely only changing its angle now because of Claudia Jordan’s mistaken comments about Foxx and Holmes, and the subsequent photos of the actor with other women.

With other outlets sensationally speculating about the nature of Foxx and Holmes’ close friendship, Life & Style jumped on board, but the magazine clearly got on the “fiction” train. And this untrue breakup tale comes only two weeks after the outlet ran an entirely false cover story about Holmes supposedly going to court to face-off against Tom Cruise. Clearly, the tabloid’s Holmes sources leave a lot to be desired… like accuracy.

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