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Has Katie Holmes adopted a baby brother for her daughter, Suri Cruise? She was spotted in New York City with a baby recently and a tabloid claims she recently adopted him. Gossip Cop has investigated the claim.

In the latest issue of Woman’s Day, the tabloid has published two photos of the Dawson’s Creek star holding a baby and pushing a stroller around her hometown of New York. According to the unreliable outlet, Holmes has “fallen totally in love with a special bundle of joy,” and that she has “secretly adopted a child.”

The tabloid asserts that what it calls “friends” of the actress are saying Katie Holmes is “finalizing the adoption of a six-month-old boy.” The so-called “insider” says, “Adopting a child has been on the table for her and Suri ever since things fell apart with Jamie [Foxx].” The Gift actress broke up with Foxx last year.

“Katie’s always wanted another child,” the dubious source continues, “She wanted to have four kids originally and one of the reasons she left Tom [Cruise] was because he refused to have another child.” The anonymous source adds, “Now it looks like they’ve gone and done it during lockdown.” The evidence provided by the tabloid is flimsy and, frankly, desperate and silly. The unnamed source says, “You also don’t see Suri and Katie in the same room on FaceTime as much lately and everyone is starting to think it’s because the other is looking after a baby!”

So, wait, just so we’re clear, the headline claims Katie Holmes has adopted a child, but the first part of the story says she’s “finalizing” the process. But then the tabloid asserts that she and her daughter are looking after the baby. Is this like a used car? Are they test-driving the baby? Is it a rent-to-own situation?

But it gets even weirder. Accompanying the story are two photographs of Holmes holding a baby near a stroller with the caption “Katie took the bub for a stroll around New York,” clearly implying she was talking this mysterious adopted baby on a walk. Here’s the thing – It’s not her baby in the photos, it’s a friend’s child whom Holmes met up with on a walk a couple weeks ago. That much has been confirmed by various outlets.

It’s not her baby, adopted or not! It’s simply a couple photos of a woman holding a friend’s baby and the tabloid simply invented the world’s stupidest fairy tale, hoping to trick innovent readers into believe what amounts to a complete work of absolute fiction. Even by tabloid standards, this is completely absurd. Still, Gossip Cop ran it by Holmes’ rep to confirm who laughed the story off, telling us it wasn’t definitely wasn’t true.

The tabloids are often guilty of inventing bogus stories about Katie Holmes and Woman’s Day is no exception. Last month, the outlet purported Suri had found “secret love letters” between Holmes and Tom Cruise. The story wasn’t remotely true, as Gossip Cop pointed out, nor was there any mention of an adopted baby in the house when Suri supposedly found the letters. The truth is, there are no letters for the young woman to find.

This isn’t even the first time Woman’s Day has tried to sell this phony narrative. Last year, the very same tabloid alleged Holmes’ recent trip to Greece to visit Syrian refugees was really just cover for her to adopt a baby boy. This time, since it had no photos to use in its web of lies, the tabloid claimed Holmes was adopting a seven-year-old. Unsurprisingly, the tabloid makes no mention of that adoption in this latest article. Gossip Cop was once again correct when we busted the story last year.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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