Katie Holmes And Jimmy Fallon Play Face Tape Game “Say Anything” On ‘Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

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Katie Holmes Say Anything Tonight Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Katie Holmes Say Anything Tonight Show


Katie Holmes and Jimmy Fallon played a game of “Say Anything” on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” The game had them taking turns saying random words, and the first person who hesitated or repeated a word got a piece of tape stuck on his or her face. Watch the funny video below!

The rules are the winner of each round gets to apply a piece of clear tape to the loser’s face. The contestants play until someone loses three times or, in other words, gets three pieces of tape put on his or her face.

Holmes and Fallon began the first round spouting off random words back and forth. “Moo,” “car,” “stars,” “tennis,” “sun,” “light,” “Earth,” shoe,” and “Jupiter,” were just a few of the words lobbed back and forth. But when Fallon said “lace,” Holmes followed up with “underwear,” and the judges counted that as her repeating a word.

Fallon giddily applied the first piece of tape from Holmes’ ear to ear and over her nose. The two continued into the next round with an array of more random words, but Holmes wound up blanking. She finally blurted out “StairMaster,” but it was too late. Fallon happily applied the second piece of tape across her right eye and over her head. “Even with that on your face, you’re still beautiful,” the host assured the actress.

The final round continued much like the two previous ones, until Holmes quickly exclaimed, “your shirt.” A confused Fallon, asked “Your shirt? What does that even mean?” He added, ”Your shirt? That’s two words!” Fallon was crowned the winner of the game, and gave Holmes a “mustache” with his final piece of tape. Watch the video below of Katie Holmes and Jimmy Fallon playing “Say Anything,” and tell us what you think.


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