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Over the last month, Gossip Cop has corrected a number of wrong rumors about Katie Holmes. Unsurprisingly, nearly all of these have had to do with the actress' love life. Below, we recap five of the recent falsehoods.

Almost exactly one month ago, Star published a cover story announcing Holmes had "dumped" Jamie Foxx to pursue a relationship with Joshua Jackson. The "Dawson's Creek" star previously dated her former colleague during the early years of their WB TV series, and now the tabloid claimed they were getting back together. It was specifically alleged April's cast reunion for Entertainment Weekly had rekindled their romance. "They've clicked all over again, and a lot of people are rooting for them and believe the timing is right," a so-called "source" was quoted as saying. A spokesperson for Jackson, however, exclusively told Gossip Cop the contentions were "hilarious," while Holmes' own rep separately confirmed to us the entire narrative was "made-up."

A few weeks later, Woman's Day alleged Holmes was hiding a baby bump. The story was sparked by photographs of the star wearing a baggy sweater. The outlet maintained her choice of attire "had onlookers wondering" if she was pregnant. The publication further speculated about whether Foxx or Jackson would be the father of the purported child. But not only was Gossip Cop told on the record by Holmes' spokesperson that she wasn't expecting, but it was quite apparent from other outings that she wasn't trying to disguise a nonexistent baby belly. In fact, around the same time, the Daily Mail specifically pointed out that Holmes had a "trim physique" and "toned torso" at the Tribeca Film Festival.

OK! subsequently offered up its own cover story that claimed Foxx had convinced Holmes to get married. An alleged "source" asserted, "Jamie's done everything possible to show Katie he's in it for the long haul. Now, word is, she's finally agreed to say 'I do." The plans were said to revolve around a "small, intimate ceremony" with 30 guests and a cost not to exceed "$250,000 on everything." While investigating this tale, though, the actor's rep told Gossip Cop point-blank, "Jamie Foxx is not getting married." And earlier this year, in a story about Holmes and Foxx having met each other's kids, People stressed that the casual pair have "their own separate lives and they aren't trying to join them together."

But just days later, the storyline took a sharp turn when the Globe declared Foxx had left Holmes at the altar. The tabloid alleged the development came after he "betrayed" her by "seeing his ex and baby mama, Kristin Grannis, behind Katie's back." Insisted the magazine, "It's over between the couple for good." As Gossip Cop explained, however, there was no real issue of infidelity. Foxx went out in public to a popular Los Angeles restaurant with not just Grannis, but also their daughter. That is not "cheating," as alleged, and it had no affect on his dynamic with Holmes. Following that April 27 outing with Grannis, Holmes and Foxx were seen out together on May 1. And most significantly, as noted above, they never had plans to marry in the first place, so the notion that he "dumped her at the altar" was patently false.

Claims about Foxx then took a backseat earlier this week when the Australian version of OK! ran a story contending Tom Cruise banned Holmes from the Met Gala. She was absent from this year's ball, which the outlet theorized was the result of the event's Catholic theme and the former spouses' 2012 divorce. It was alleged that as part of their split agreement, Holmes "could not publicly support any religion" except Scientology. This was easily disproven, given that Holmes has spoken on TV about her Christmas celebrations multiple times in recent years. The real reason she skipped the Met Gala, her rep told Gossip Cop, is that she was working out of town.

The gossip media often focuses on three major tropes: Marriages, breakups and pregnancies. Just in the last month alone, it's apparent how the tabloids have tried to put Holmes into each of these scenarios. But in each case, basic fact-checking exposed the claims as inaccurate. Gossip Cop doesn't expect these magazines to start writing the truth instead of fiction, which is why we'll keep separating fantasy from reality as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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