Katie Holmes Pregnant With Either Jamie Foxx Or Justin Theroux’s Baby?

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Katie Holmes on the cover of NW in a story about her being pregnant with Jamie Foxx or Justin Theroux's baby

By Andrew Shuster |

Katie Holmes on the cover of NW in a story about her being pregnant with Jamie Foxx or Justin Theroux's baby


Katie Holmes is pregnant and the baby belongs to either Jamie Foxx or Justin Theroux? That’s the absurd and nonsensical claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to NW, the actress is nearly three months pregnant, but the identity of the child’s father is still unclear. The magazine first claims Holmes is “enjoying a new fling” with Jennifer Aniston’s ex, quoting a supposed source as saying, “Can you imagine if it’s Justin’s kid? He never really wanted one, which is one of the main reasons he and Jen split. But now he’s looking down the barrel of a love child with another famous actress. He and Katie were both so physically into each other that they definitely threw caution to the wind a few times.”

From there, the alleged insider speculates that Foxx is a possibility – but a less likely one – adding, “It would be the baby he never wanted to give her, but he’s happy to see that honor go to someone else – or even IVF with a donor, if that’s the path she’s gone down.” Wait, so now the baby might belong to a donor? The tabloid’s ridiculous story is all over the place.

The anonymous tipster continues, “Regardless of who the father of her child is, there will only be two people raising it – Katie and [her daughter] Suri.” The unknown source doesn’t bother to elaborate on why neither Foxx or Theroux would be involved in raising the child if it belonged to one of them. The seemingly imaginary insider concludes, “Suri has always asked her for a sibling and there was no way Katie wouldn’t make that happen eventually.”

In addition to the tabloid’s report being utterly ludicrous, it doesn’t even add up time wise. Holmes and Foxx split in late May, so for argument’s sake, let’s say he impregnated her at the very end of their relationship – that would put the actress at nearly six months pregnant. Now let’s say Holmes is dating Theroux, which she isn’t, the outlet itself acknowledges it’s a “new fling.” How could she be three months along with his child?

Gossip Cop busted Star less than two weeks ago for kicking off this fake narrative about Holmes dating Theroux. The actress’s spokesperson told us in no uncertain terms, “Katie doesn’t know Justin.” The actor’s rep also dismissed the romance rumors. NW is now using the bogus rumors for its pregnancy tale, which is chronologically flawed.

Meanwhile, at one point in NW’s article, the magazine insists the actress has a “baby bump.” On Sunday, however, Holmes shared an Instagram photo from behind the scenes of a photo shoot for Vogue Australia. The actress’s bare stomach is on display in the pictures, and it’s completely flat.

It must also be mentioned, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid less than two months ago for falsely claiming Holmes was dating Josh Lucas, her co-star in The Secret. And back in August, the outlet wrongly reported Holmes was already three months pregnant with Foxx’s baby. The level of discord among the magazine’s phony reports is just astonishing.

Despite the overwhelming number of holes in the outlet’s story, Gossip Cop still reached out to Holmes’ spokesperson, who confirms it’s all made-up. Some tabloids will at least concoct fiction that could be theoretically possible. This one doesn’t even reach that low bench mark.


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