Katie Holmes NOT Pregnant With Baby Girl Nor Married To Jamie Foxx, Despite Report

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Katie Holmes Pregnant April 2015

By Michael Lewittes |

Katie Holmes Pregnant April 2015


Katie Holmes is not pregnant with a baby girl nor is she married to Jamie Foxx, despite an entirely fabricated tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up report. We’re told it’s “all lies” and “absolutely false.”

According to the repeatedly discredited Star, “After getting married in an ultra secret ceremony,” the big news is Holmes is “three months pregnant, and they just found out they’re having a girl.” The tabloid quotes one of its either made-up or completely ill-informed sources as saying, “[Holmes and Foxx] are so excited to be going on this adventure together.” The magazine then has the audacity to claim it has “the inside scoop on all the big changes in the newlyweds’ lives, and how their children are dealing with the upcoming arrival.”

The tabloid’s so-called “source” says Foxx and Holmes, who already have daughters, are “over the moon” that they’re having another girl. And their kids were “going crazy when they heard the news, screaming and jumping around,” claims the magazine’s alleged “source.” But that’s not all. The outlet’s seemingly manufactured “source” adds that Holmes and Foxx “have even agreed to let the kids help pick the baby’s name,” and will also allow them to “change the baby’s diapers and feed her.”

The publication fills out its article by claiming Holmes moved into Foxx’s house “right before the wedding,” and while they’re “quietly hunting for a new pad,” the Oscar-winning actor isn’t sure he wants to move. The tabloid’s questionable “source” supposedly explains that Foxx’s sprawling estate “holds a lot of special memories, especially since they got married there, but it might end up a case of new baby, new house.” After more “scoop” about how Holmes wants to decorate the “baby’s room” and is following a “healthy” pregnancy diet, the article ends with the phony-sounding “source” claiming Foxx and Holmes feel “so blessed” and are “excited about this new chapter that they’re writing together.”

There’s one slight problem with Star’s story, which is that there is not one single word of truth to it. The entire premise and the quotations are total fabrications. “It’s all lies,” Holmes’s rep exclusively assures Gossip Cop, noting the actress and Foxx are 100 percent not married nor is she pregnant. Additionally, a rep for Foxx also exclusively tells Gossip Cop the tabloid’s cover story is “absolutely false.”

Sadly, Gossip Cop is not surprised by any of this. Last month, we debunked the magazine’s entirely untrue claim that Foxx and Holmes had a “supersecret” wedding (below). And just a couple of weeks before that, Gossip Cop also shot down its sister publication OK!’s entirely made-up cover story that similarly and wrongly exclaimed, “It’s A Girl!” for Holmes (below). If you want facts, come to Gossip Cop, but if you want fiction, it’s on your newsstand for $5.

Katie Holmes Married Baby


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Katie Holmes is pregnant with a baby girl and married to Jamie Foxx.

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