Katie Holmes is not pregnant, despite speculation. Some fans have wrongly jumped to conclusions based on a recent photo of the actress on a "date night" with Jamie Foxx, and a few sites are fueling the pregnancy rumors. But a rep for Holmes exclusively confirms to Gossip Cop that she's not expecting.

On Sunday, Holmes and Foxx were photographed leaving the restaurant Nobu separately in New York City. The actress wore an oversized kimono-like coat, which she held closed across her stomach. That gave the illusion of a larger midsection than normal, leading to some talk on social media and beyond.

The website PopCulture, for example, is running a story on Friday with the headline, "Katie Holmes Fans Say 'She Looks Pregnant' in Date Night Photo With Jamie Foxx." According to the blog, Holmes is "sparking pregnancy rumors with a new photo surfacing on social media." The outlet notes that she and Foxx have "made it a habit of not giving away too many details on their relationship," but claims the "latest rumor based on a recent paparazzi photo could be too huge to keep a secret."

Referring to one paparazzi picture of Holmes that was shared online, the online publication asserts, "Fans in the comment section began to theorize that Holmes appeared to have the early signs of a baby bump, and that she was attempting to hide it with her purple and white robe." But aside from rounding up those comments, the site did no investigating to find out whether Holmes is indeed expecting. The blog put out its theory that she "could have another child on the way," but didn't bother to fact-check the contention.

Well, Gossip Cop did. A rep for Holmes tells us on the record that it's "not true" she's pregnant. It should be noted that some of the paparazzi pictures show the star with her coat open, revealing a perfectly flat stomach. And when Holmes stepped out for the Tribeca Film Festival this week, the Daily Mail specifically pointed out her "trim physique" and "toned torso."

It also doesn't make sense that Holmes would be dining at a sushi-focused restaurant if she were in fact pregnant. But apparently the website didn't take that into account and found random social media comments reason enough to speculate. To be fair, this isn't the first time this has happened. Back in December, Gossip Cop called out publications that suggested Holmes was pregnant because fans were "convinced" about a baby bump. But she didn't have a blossoming belly then, and she still doesn't now, regardless of how "convinced" fans may be.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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