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Katie Holmes' possible pregnancy and rumored baby daddies have taken over the tabloids recently. Gossip Cop noted a trend in the tabloids about the movie star possibly having a second child. We compiled all the most outrageous rumors we've busted over the years and revisited them to determine whether we judged right the first time around.

NW reported last summer that Holmes was three months pregnant with Jamie Foxx's baby and planned to raise the baby alone. A source told the outlet Holmes was happy to raise the baby by herself since Foxx had been "messing with her head for years." "Katie still loves Jamie, but she's not expecting too much from him when she has this child," tattled the supposed tipster. "She doesn't want to push him and ask for something he can't deliver, so she'll keep the status quo and let him date who he wants, instead of pushing him to [settle down] with her."

Since her 2012 split from ex-husband Tom Cruise, Holmes had largely raised her daughter, Suri, by herself, which is why she's "not fazed about doing it all again." "Katie's more than capable of being a single mom and raising two children by herself," added the seemingly imaginary source.

Continuing on with the farcical tale, the "insider" told the outlet, "Katie's got a nursery being built in her LA home and is already picking out baby names." As we noted previously, Holmes' primary residence is actually in New York City, where her daughter attends school. Why would Holmes build a nursery in an entirely different state from where she calls home? Gossip Cop called foul on this ridiculous tale. We reached out to Holmes' rep, not just some unnamed source, and were informed that Holmes is not pregnant.

The pregnancy rumors continue with a report from Star. The outlet claimed Tom Cruise had a "surprising reaction" to discovering his ex-wives, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, were both pregnant. That supposed reaction was happiness for both women, a so-called "insider" told the outlet. "At first he was shocked that they both happen to be expecting at the same time." Once the shock "wore off, he said, 'That's great,'" claimed the seemingly phony source. The only issue was, neither Kidman nor Holmes were actually pregnant at all. Gossip Cop had already gotten word from both actresses' reps denying their pregnancy for previous stories, which only made this particular false tale all the easier to bust.

In November 2019, NW claimed Katie Holmes was three months pregnant with either Jamie Foxx or Justin Theroux's baby. The outlet insisted that Holmes and Theroux had been enjoying a new fling when Holmes discovered the pregnancy, according to a suspicious source. "Can you imagine if it's Justin's kid?" said the so-called insider. "He never really wanted one, which is one of the main reasons he and Jen split. But now he's looking down the barrel of a love child with another famous actress. He and Katie were both so physically into each other that they definitely threw caution to the wind a few times."

Though the outlet admitted it was less likely, Foxx was also a contender for Holmes' baby daddy. "It would be the baby he never wanted to give her, but he's happy to see that honor go to someone else," said the source, before bizarrely adding, "or even IVF with a donor, if that's the path she's gone down."

So which is it? Did a fling with a famous actor result in this "love child," or did Holmes get pregnant with the aid of a donor? This story is a real mess, the publication obviously couldn't pick a narrative, so it just ran with every possibility. Luckily, a previous bust by Gossip Cop provided us with the insight we needed to take on this mess of a story.

Just a few weeks prior, Gossip Cop came across a story in Star claiming Holmes and Theroux were dating. We reached out to Holmes' rep for answers and were assured the rumors weren't true. "Katie doesn't know Justin," the actress's spokesperson informed us. It's unlikely that he's the father of her supposed baby, then, since it's hard to father a child on a woman you don't even know. Besides, the publication claimed Holmes was sporting a "baby bump," but in Instagram photos uploaded around that time, no such "bump" could be seen. This was yet another bogus story from NW.

That publication can't get enough of pairing Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux together. Earlier this month, the outlet claimed Holmes was having a baby with Theroux. A highly suspicious "exclusive insider" told the publication that Theroux had moved in with Holmes and watching her supposed new beau bond with her daughter "has sent Katie's already-ticking biological clock into overdrive," snitched the so-called "insider." "She told him how much she's longing for another child before it's too late," continued the almost certainly made-up source.

Theroux, meanwhile, was all in for making a baby, despite the outlet having reported the exact opposite just months before. Now the actor is apparently "focusing on being there for Katie and Suri - and hopefully expanding their family as soon as possible." All of this is absolute nonsense.

Gossip Cop had previously learned that Theroux and Holmes don't even know each other from multiple on the record statements from Holmes' rep. That's exactly why we don't trust this unnamed source who claims that the two are not only dating, they've moved in together and are planning on starting a family. The story is just blatantly false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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