Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman Secretly Met At Broadway Show To Discuss Tom Cruise?

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Nicole Kidman Katie Holmes show

By Griffin Matis |

Nicole Kidman Katie Holmes show

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Did Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman secretly meet up at a Broadway show to discuss their mutual ex-husband Tom Cruise? That’s the story in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and can confirm it’s false in every way.

According to New Idea, the two actresses were spotted at a performance of Moulin Rouge! on Broadway, “sparking rumors the pair may have had a secret catch-up.” The magazine speculates the two may have met to discuss Kidman’s two children, Connor and Isabella, from her marriage to Cruise. According to a “source,” Kidman’s concerned about her children’s involvement with the Church of Scientology, and wanted to chat with Holmes about how she got her daughter Suri Cruise away from the controversial religion.

However, there’s a massive hole that disproves the tabloid’s entire narrative. Holmes saw the Broadway musical with her daughter Suri on August 3. Kidman and her husband Keith Urban attended the show on August 9. Both celebrities were photographed by paparazzi on those respective days. There could not have been a meeting between them, period.

Despite the outlet’s report being provably false, Gossip Cop still ran the scenario by Holmes’ spokesperson, who confirms it’s “all lies.” The actress’s rep even pointed out that the only other celebrity in the audience when Holmes saw the show was Sarah Michelle Gellar. Kidman simply wasn’t there.

The tabloid’s story is also suspiciously similar to an NW piece from last month, which claimed Holmes and Kidman met up in Paris to gossip about Cruise. That story was concocted because the two actresses were in Paris at the same time, albeit separately. The magazine said they spent hours talking about Cruise, crying and venting about their marriages before forming a pact to make sure “history doesn’t repeat itself again.” The only history repeating itself here is this same recycled story about the actresses secretly meeting.

Holmes and Kidman’s imaginary meeting has been moved from Paris to New York City, and Gossip Cop has to wonder where in the world the tabloids will have them “meeting” next? Unfortunately, the gossip media consistently comes up with ridiculous stories involving the actresses and their mutual ex-husband. Last month, we busted Star for falsely claiming Cruise was happy to hear that both Holmes and Kidman were pregnant. The problem with the story? Neither actress is expecting a child. Their ex-husband had no reaction to an imaginary scenario, just as Holmes and Kidman didn’t have an imaginary meeting at a Broadway musical.


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