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Katie Holmes’ new romance is one of the most talked about topics. The actress, who was married to Tom Cruise and dated Jamie Foxx, was relatively single for some time before being spotted out with Emilio Vitolo Jr. Following the confirmation of their relationship, the tabloids have proposed several bogus stories about the couple. For example, one tabloid claimed Holmes was already expecting a baby girl. Gossip Cop has gathered a few other rumors we’ve clarified about Holmes and her new boyfriend.

Katie Holmes Prepared For A Cat Fight?

In September, the National Enquirer alleged that Holmes was preparing for a cat fight with Vitolo Jr.’s former fiancee. For those who don’t know, the celebrity chef was engaged to designer Rachel Emmons before dating Holmes. Reportedly, the restaurateur broke up with Emmons via text when pictures of him and the Batman Begins star publicly kissing surfaced on the internet. According to the Enquirer, Emmons was “blindsided” by the news and “demanded answers.” The paper also maintained that Holmes “refused to back down” or “apologize” for allegedly stealing Emmons’ man. While the news of Holmes and Vitolo Jr.’s romance was surprising, Gossip Cop learned none of this was true. Furthermore, a rep for Holmes told us the actress wasn’t preparing to fight Emmons either.

Holmes' Rush To The Altar

Days later, Heat purported that Katie Holmes planned to elope with Emilio Vitolo Jr. The tabloid claimed that the actress wanted to wed the chef “as soon as possible.” Unsurprising, this is a story Gossip Cop has heard various times since. Heat asserted that Holmes was an “incurable romantic" and was hoping for a more "casual affair" like Las Vegas. Gossip Cop learned that this was incorrect. Holmes wasn't planning to elope with Vitolo. We ran the story by a spokesperson for the actress, who told us the report was false.

Was Katie Holmes' Scoping Out A Church For Wedding Ideas?

The tabloids, however, continued to run with the wedding theme. Earlier this month, Woman’s Day maintained that Holmes was planning her wedding to Vitolo Jr. The outlet’s evidence for this narrative were pictures of the Dawson’s Creek star walking into the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. The magazine’s insider further revealed, “Marrying in a Catholic Church would be the most fitting final middle finger from Katie to Tom Cruise before she closes that chapter of her life forever.” So, from what Woman’s Day was alleging, the actress only wanted to get married in a Catholic Church to spite her former husband? Gossip Cop wasn't buying it. We also didn’t jump the gun and think just because Holmes and her new beau were visiting the infamous landmark that they were planning their wedding. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a tourist attraction and the two simply could’ve just been visiting it, like everyone else.

Is She Being Cheated On?

And when the tabloids aren’t busy asserting Holmes is getting married or pregnant, there are the cheating rumors that get shuffled around. Most recently, Gossip Cop corrected a report from Star that claimed Vitolo Jr. was cheating on Holmes. The magazine proclaimed the well-known chef was a “ladies man” and had been texting a bunch of girls to let them know he wasn’t “serious” with the Mad Money actress. Let's get this straight. First, Holmes and Vitolo are madly in love and ready to wed, but this story suggested the chef isn’t as serious about the actress. And how would this “source” know Vitolo was texting a “bunch of girls?” Gossip Cop dismissed the phony report like the other ones we’ve busted. From what we discovered, the two are just fine.

We get that everyone is excited about Katie Holmes’ dating someone new. But let’s not jump the gun and assume she’s getting married or being led astray.


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