Katie Holmes “Mystery Man” Report Is Fake News

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Katie Holmes Mystery Man Boyfriend

By Michael Lewittes |

Katie Holmes Mystery Man Boyfriend

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Katie Holmes does not have a “mystery man,” despite a fake news story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this absurd report about a new boyfriend. We’re told it’s all made up.

According to the often discredited RadarOnline, Holmes “couldn’t keep her eyes off” her new “mystery man” while out on Thursday with her daughter Suri. The unreliable site even alleges she had the “look of love.” “Is she ready to go public” with her supposed new romance, asks the clueless outlet.

It seems RadarOnline didn’t do any fact-cheking before publishing its fake news story. Had the site done even a modicum of investigation, rather than conjecturing on what it apparently thought it saw in photos, the repeatedly disproven outlet would have known there’s no “mystery man.” And Holmes did not have a “look of love.”

Let Gossip Cop solve this easy mystery. The man pictured with Holmes and Suri is someone who works at the restaurant, where she and her daughter were eating. Holmes rep tells us the restaurant staffer “helped her to her car.”

Just one day ago, Gossip Cop busted the webloid when it wrongly reported Holmes hid from Scientologist Jenna Elfman at “GMA,” where they were both guests. As we noted, their dressing rooms were right next to each other, and there was absolutely “no drama.” Much like that story, the latest article about Holmes having a new “mystery man” is 100 percent untrue.

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