Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Caught Making Out?

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Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Making Out

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Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Making Out

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Were Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx really caught making out? That’s what a tabloid wants readers to believe, but there’s actually no evidence to back up the contention. Gossip Cop can bust the seemingly manufactured story.

As was widely reported, Holmes helped Foxx celebrate his 50th birthday earlier this month in Los Angeles. The only photographic evidence to emerge of them interacting at the star-studded gathering was a 20-second video of the pair talking on a stage surrounded by other people. But now OK! is spinning this as a “sexy celebration” that’s proof they’re “slowly but surely coming out of the relationship closet.”

At the bash, claims the gossip magazine, Holmes and Foxx “didn’t hold back on the PDA.” It’s alleged the actress “joined her beau on the dance floor,” where a so-called “source” claims “they full made out.” The outlet even contends this make-out session took place “in full view of attendees such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Snoop Dogg.” The publication doesn’t explain why, if the pair was really kissing in public, the only footage that’s surfaced merely shows them chatting. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that that would be the footage to go viral?

It’s also suspicious that the tabloid asserts the duo “reportedly followed up the public love-fest with a cozy weekend at the Shutters hotel in Santa Monica.” If OK! really has a “source,” as it purports, shouldn’t it be able to confirm whether or not the “cozy weekend” actually happened, instead of just claiming it “reportedly” did? Well, Gossip Cop does have real insiders, and we already busted claims that Holmes and Foxx had a “romantic weekend” at Shutters in California. In actuality, Holmes was in New York with daughter Suri, even being photographed sitting courtside at a Knicks game.

The magazine then goes on to chide Holmes and Foxx to “give it up, guys” when it should really be directing that admonishment to itself. This is an outlet that just weeks ago falsely claimed she was pregnant with the actor’s baby. Not only is that untrue allegation not mentioned in this new story, but it’s also notable that no reputable publication similarly alleged the pair were seen making out at his birthday party. On the contrary, “Entertainment Tonight” specifically reported that Holmes and Foxx “didn’t show any PDA.” Case closed.

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