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Katie Holmes is not "secretly dating" Justin Theroux, despite a tabloid report arbitrarily linking the two stars. Gossip Cop can debunk the romance rumors. The two simply aren't a couple.

According to Star, however, Holmes and Theroux recently had a "top-secret meetup" at a restaurant in New York City. "It was very romantic," an unknown source tells the magazine. "Justin and Katie hit it off immediately. It was pretty much the ultimate first date." Naturally, the magazine immediately drags both of their famous exes into the fold, with the "insider" insisting they're in a "revenge romance" following their respective splits from Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston.

The suspicious tipster goes on to say that Aniston "isn't happy" about the pairing, and has "gone as far as calling Katie a has-been. It's become very twisted." Holmes' friends, however, think she and Theroux "make the perfect match," says the alleged source, adding that both live in New York City and both are "artsy and love indie films." The anonymous insider adds, "She needed to find a middle ground - someone between Tom [Cruise] and Jamie. Justin isn't controlling like Tom and he's not a player like Jamie. He fits the bill."

From there, the seemingly imaginary source purports to know how Holmes and Theroux both feel about each other. "She couldn't wait to tell her girlfriends and her sisters about their first date," says the unidentified insider. "She bragged about it like a schoolgirl crushing on the most popular boy in school." As for Theroux, "He wants to see Katie again," says the alleged tipster. "Their chemistry is off the charts, and their friends are all for it... Everyone is rooting for them."

There are several red flags in the magazine's phony story. For starters, the tabloid doesn't bother to explain how Holmes and Theroux met or how their date came to be. There's also no mention of the name of the New York restaurant where they supposedly dined. It's never a good sign when a publication isn't able to flesh out its premise with any real details.

Meanwhile, this whole scenario is based on claims from an untraceable "source," but Gossip Cop checked in with Holmes' spokesperson, who tells us it's all made-up. The actress's rep, who's qualified to speak on her behalf, tells us in simple terms, "Katie doesn't know Justin." Theroux's spokesperson is also going on the record to dismiss the tabloid's cover story as fiction.

It must be mentioned, Star has already proven to have zero knowledge about the actress's personal life. In July, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for falsely claiming Holmes was pregnant with Foxx's baby and they were getting married. The two split shortly after we debunked the article.

As for Aniston's ex, the tabloid pushed an ongoing saga last year about Theroux dating Emma Stone. As with this newest story involving Holmes, it was alleged that Aniston was furious about the (nonexistent) romance. The outlet has no idea what's going on in either Holmes or Theroux's love lives, so now it's just pairing them up with each other.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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