Katie Holmes is not looking to date Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend, Darren Aronofsky, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop looked into the phony story. It's totally fabricated.

Lately, the tabloids have been pushing a fake narrative about Holmes dating Jennifer Aniston's ex, Justin Theroux. This week, Woman's Day has invented a new story: the actress has "developed something of a crush" on the ex of another famous Jennifer. The outlet quotes a supposed source as saying, "Katie follows [Aronofsky's] every move and is extremely keen to get to know him better. She obsesses over his social media posts and tries to engineer meetings."

Why the tabloid dreamed up this idea of Holmes having a schoolgirl crush on the director is anyone's guess, but the anonymous source tries to rationalize it because both live in New York City. "They've moved in the similar circles for a while and she's always been interested, but when he began dating Jennifer she knew he was a no-go zone," claims the unnamed insider. Aronofsky and Lawrence broke up in 2017 after a year of dating, and she recently married art gallery owner Cooke Maroney. Holmes split with Jamie Foxx earlier this year as well. Just because the two stars are single and live in New York doesn't mean there's any romantic connection.

The magazine also uses the opportunity to claim Holmes is interested in the director professionally as well. The alleged source says, "She's insanely attracted to him for his mind - she tells everyone he's a genius. Plus, it's no secret she's love to be cast in one of his edgy films." While it's certainly a reasonable idea that Holmes would want to work with the successful director, there's no evidence she's doing anything described in the tabloid. Gossip Cop checked with Holmes' spokesperson, who - unlike the outlet's anonymous source - is qualified to speak on her behalf. The actress's rep laughed off the premise before confirming it wasn't true.

Meanwhile, Woman's Day is all over the place when it comes to its reporting, as just last week, the tabloid insisted Holmes and Theroux were "getting serious" after a string dates. The publication even used one of the same reasons as the Aronofsky story - both Holmes and Theroux are New Yorkers. Gossip Cop busted the piece, which was as ridiculous as this latest one.

If that's not enough, Woman's Day also claimed Holmes was getting close to Liev Schreiber in September. The outlet said the former Ray Donovan co-stars were bonding over being single parents in, you guessed it, New York City. The number of times the tabloid has attached to Holmes to men in the film industry simply because they live in the same city is comical. Gossip Cop will continue to call out the magazine, as it will almost certainly use this premise again.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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