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Is Katie Holmes trying to lose weight to keep Jamie Foxx interested? A new report claims the actress has gained 25 pounds, but is "obsessed" with working out so she can slim down and keep the actor's attention. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue fat-shaming story.

"Katie Battles The Bulge," reads a headline in the new issue of the Globe, which further teases, "Gains hefty 25 lbs. as time takes toll & and Jamie parties with other gals." The article begins by contending that "after packing on more than two dozen pounds," Holmes has "become obsessed with her figure and is working out like a demon fearing her career — and love-in with hunky Jamie Foxx — will fizzle if her figure doesn't sizzle."

A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Katie is pulling out all the stops to keep Jamie happy and spice up their romance... She's still desperate to keep hold of him and figures giving herself a body overhaul is her best shot of making it happen." The tabloid goes on to claim Holmes has "reason to fret" because Foxx has been "partying up a storm" while she's "mushrooming from 121 [pounds] to 146." It's further alleged the "Dawson's Creek" star "worries her fashion gigs will dry up if she loses her hottie figure."

"Her fears have driven her to three-hour daily workouts," contends the magazine. The untraceable source also asserts, "She weighs herself twice a day and even one extra pound flips her out." And though the outlet maintains Holmes is "trying to avoid invasive surgical procedures," the unnamed "insider" insists, "She has even considered a butt lift and a breast lift. It seems nothing is working."

The publication's narrative seems to hinge on a photo of Holmes in Paris earlier this month, in which her cleavage is pushed up ever so slightly over her top (similar to the picture above). The unidentifiable tipster claims, "She struggled so hard recently in Paris to fit into a dress during a fashion show, she cried her eyes out afterward." On top of that, it's alleged that "there are whispers among fashion kingmakers that she simply looks too haggard to use in big campaigns."

But contrary to the claims that she was upset about how she looked and that brands may not want to work with her, Holmes did a fashion diary for Vogue about that specific appearance, in which she showcased her fitting with the Dior team. It's quite apparent throughout the photo gallery, which she cultivated herself, that she was happy with her look, and Holmes shared some of the snapshots on her Instagram page, too.

Not only does the tabloid fail to mention that Vogue feature, even though it was published two weeks ago, but the magazine also doesn't acknowledge that the actress has been committed to working out long before this. In fact, Holmes was on the cover of Women's Health earlier this year. In the story, she opened up about her exercise regimen and even showed off her biceps. None of the specifics, such as how she's taken up boxing and likes doing group sessions at SoulCycle, are mentioned by the Globe.

Additionally, just this week, Holmes was photographed stepping out multiple times, and it's readily apparent that she hasn't gained any noticeable weight at all, much less 25 pounds. One outfit she opted for a few days ago even bared her midriff. Based on how trim Holmes currently looks, there'd probably be cause for concern if she actually lost weight.

Conclusion: Photos of Holmes taken throughout the month of July show she has not gained 25 pounds, but remains the same size she has been for years, despite what the outlet claims. That means the premise that she has to work out obsessively in order to lose this nonexistent weight gain and keep Foxx's interest is absurd. Furthermore, the details provided of her alleged workouts contradict what Holmes herself told Women's Health earlier this year. And the contention that Holmes was upset with the way she looked in Paris is proven untrue by Holmes' own Instagram and photo diary for Vogue. While all of this is enough evidence to confirm the tabloid article is inaccurate and fictitious, her spokesperson also tells Gossip Cop, "The story is false."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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