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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx only recently reached a point in their relationship where they're comfortable showing PDA. But if you believe the tabloids, they married years ago. Of course, that isn't true, and they still have no plans to wed. Yet the last three months have been filled with wedding-related rumors. See five examples below.

In May, the Globe peddled a story contending Holmes and Foxx were "planning an 'intimate summer wedding.'" A so-called "insider" was quoted as saying, "Marriage is absolutely in the cards for them. Katie has been ready to say 'I do' for a long time, and Jamie's realized he would be crazy to let her go." Tellingly, though, no specifics were given for the purported nuptials. Still, it was asserted, "Katie believes Jamie will make a great husband and stepdad." But he had no intention of taking on either role. Foxx's spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that he was "not getting married" in a "summer wedding" or otherwise.

One day later, the tabloid's sister magazine, OK!, published a cover story announcing the stars were "getting married." In this version, it was claimed Foxx "convinced a reluctant" Holmes to "tie the knot." An untraceable "source" alleged, "Jamie's done everything possible to show Katie he's in it for the long haul. Now, word is, she's finally agreed to say 'I do.'" Of course, "word is" was an indication that the outlet had no firsthand knowledge, confirmation, or evidence to support its contentions. In other words, the publication was essentially copping to spreading a rumor. And far from convincing Holmes to tie the knot, Foxx's rep bluntly stated to Gossip Cop, "Jamie Foxx is not getting married."

About a week after this, the Globe decided to reverse course with an article claiming Holmes was "devastated" and "shattered" after her "cheating boyfriend... dumped her at the altar." It wasn't explained how she and Foxx supposedly went from planning a summer wedding to a breakup at the altar in a matter of days. But the tabloid wanted readers to believe the actor was caught "seeing his ex and baby mama, Kristin Grannis, behind Katie's back." The timing made no sense. As Gossip Cop reported, Foxx had been seen in public with Grannis on April 27. Foxx and Holmes then had a date night on May 1. Clearly, then, she wasn't upset about any time he spent with the mother of his child, nor did she have reason to be. This was just the magazine's attempt at getting out of its untrue wedding storyline.

This narrative continued in June when RadarOnline, a sister site to both outlets, declared their supposed wedding was "off." Here it was alleged Holmes was "in the midst of planning her dream wedding" when she had a "sudden change of a heart," leading them to cancel it and end their relationship. It was even asserted that the "Dawson's Creek" star had "started to move on" by going on a "few dates with an NYC lawyer [sic]." But this tale was doubly wrong. Once again, a rep for Foxx confirmed to Gossip Cop that he and Holmes never had any marriage plans at all. And Holmes' spokesperson told us the whole story was "100 percent untrue."

Then in July, The Daily Beast of all places fueled speculation that Holmes was scouting wedding locations. The story was prompted by her visit to Borris House, a famous estate in Ireland. The outlet theorized she was "contemplating tying the knot with Foxx," and claimed she "asked about the house's history and its use as a wedding venue." In actuality, Holmes' rep told Gossip Cop she was in Ireland for "work" purposes, and her sightseeing had nothing to do with a future wedding. In fact, her free time was also spent visiting art galleries and pottery stores, establishments that don't really connect to nuptials at all. She wasn't eyeing locations for an impending marriage ceremony, but simply being a tourist.

Later that month, Holmes and Foxx were seen for the first time showing significant PDA. Notably, they haven't been seen together since then. Gossip Cop predicts that regardless of whether their romance remains relatively casual or progresses into something more serious, the gossip media will continue to manufacture whatever they want. That's why we'll keep letting readers know what's real and what's rumor.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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