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Katie Holmes is not going around trash talking Jamie Foxx, as a tabloid is claiming this week. Gossip Cop looked into the ridiculous story. It's totally made-up.

The most recent issue of the National Enquirer is falsely reporting that Holmes has been "slamming" her "serial-womanizing love-rat ex - to anyone that will listen!" A supposed insider tells the outlet, "Katie can't stand how he continues to humiliate her, showcasing his sleazy hookups since they split. She never utters his name without a string of salty insults attached."

The alleged source further contends that Holmes is upset about all the partying Foxx has been doing in the wake of their breakup, especially because he's "tried to maintain a friendship with her by sending texts and emails like he still cares. It's made it difficult for her to move on. She's told him to lose her number, but he won't stop!"

As result, the seemingly phony tipster says Holmes "lets loose a string of curses and insults about him to anyone from the grocery clerk or a person sitting next to her on the subway. She wants everyone to know what a slimeball this guy is!"

The magazine's story is based on the word of an anonymous source, but Holmes' rep says on the record that the actress has kept the split classy and isn't on a trash trashing rampage against her ex. The two kept their relationship very quiet for the years they were together, so it's ridiculous to think Holmes would suddenly be so open to "anyone" as the article claims.

The bottom line is that the Enquirer has a history of faulty reporting on the former couple. In July, the tabloid falsely alleged Holmes was demanding that Foxx get her pregnant. That bogus story also quoted a so-called "insider" with all sorts of intimate details about the state of the couple's relationship. The one thing the source didn't know? The couple had already broke up in May, despite news of the split not going public yet.

The Enquirer didn't let up though. Because no one knew the couple was no longer together, the tabloid kept making up stories about the two. Just a couple weeks after the baby demanding-story, the outlet followed up by claiming Foxx was ignoring Holmes after her baby ultimatum. Once again, there was no ultimatum and the couple had split prior to the article being published. Clearly, the publication doesn't have any reliable information about what went on during Holmes and Foxx's relationship, or what's happening post-breakup.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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