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A new tabloid cover story about Katie Holmes being "trapped" in her relationship with Jamie Foxx is not true. This article purports to know why she "won't let go" of their romance, but is filled with misleading claims. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk it.

The cover of Us Weekly blares, "Six Years After Tom, Katie's Emotional Roller Coaster: Trapped Again?" The premise of the report is that Holmes is in a toxic relationship with Foxx because he sometimes "let[s] loose with other women." That includes ladies with whom he was recently seen talking at various events, on top of a July Fourth outing that brought him together with Kristin Grannis, the mother of his younger daughter, for a family-focused fireworks viewing.

A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "It's not the first time Jamie's been spotted with other women, but being out with Kristin was too close for comfort." Laments this untraceable insider, "No one understands why Katie loves a man who can't seem to commit, or why he's publicly humiliating her like this." The magazine tries to make a comparison to Holmes' divorce from Tom Cruise, which entailed leaving the Church of Scientology and building a new, stable life for her daughter, Suri. "But now, some fear she's throwing it all away," contends the outlet.

"No one knows why she stays with a man who is consistently disrespectful. Katie doesn't deserve this. Everyone just wants her to take care of herself and to be happy. But she won't let go of Jamie," alleges the purported tipster. But the actress does take of herself and is happy.

Holmes regularly shows that on Instagram, including a photo on Tuesday in which she's smiling in the summer sun. There is absolutely nothing to suggest the stability of the life she's built for herself and Suri is in jeopardy. In fact, in a May story about Holmes and Foxx not leaving dinner dates together, People stressed, "Her main focus is still Suri."

A Holmes confidante with whom Gossip Cop spoke also takes issue with the tabloid's extreme verbiage. "The boys in Thailand were trapped. Katie is not 'trapped.' It's hurtful and insensitive," our close contact points out. The dynamic between the "Dawson's Creek" star and Foxx is not one-sided, as the publication suggests, but "what works for them." They don't live according to how the gossip media thinks they should, stresses our source, who notes that Foxx is often paid for his appearances and is not engaging in anything "inappropriate," but "just talking to women."

"He's not stupid; he knows he's in a public forum," says the confidante. As for Foxx spending Independence Day with his daughter and the child's mother, we're told Holmes did not take any issue with that whatsoever. Rather, she knows he's "keeping his kid happy and co-parenting," as many parents across the country do. It was not the first time Foxx and Grannis have been seen together, and it likely won't be the last either. Our contact also questions why the tabloids conveniently leave out all the times Foxx is pictured with guys.

Additionally, Gossip Cop checked in with Holmes' spokesperson, who tells us on the record, "It's so easy to write these stories and assume things, but people don't know [the truth]. They both live their lives, are taking care of children. It's become such an obsession with magazines [but] no one really knows anything." And the rep further slams Us Weekly for seemingly making Holmes look "weak." On the contrary, she has shown herself to be a strong, independent woman who is capable of making healthy decisions for herself. And "it's their business," concludes the spokesperson.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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