Top Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Rumor Of 2019: Getting Married And Having A Baby

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side by side photos of Katie Holmes in black against a white background next to Jamie Foxx in a tux against a navy background

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Katie Holmes in black against a white background next to Jamie Foxx in a tux against a navy background

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Katie Holmes‘ low-key relationship with Jamie Foxx dominated the tabloids the entire year, with plenty of made-up rumors about the two planning a wedding or a baby. After news of the couple’s split broke, gossip outlets immediately changed their tune and began publishing stories about how poorly the two were adjusting to the breakup. Those previous claims about marriage and children were mostly forgotten, but there’s one article about the former couple that we have to award the title of Top Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Rumor of 2019.

In mid-July, Star came up with the story of Holmes getting pregnant just before Foxx proposed to her — essentially doubling down on baby and wedding rumors by predicting both at the same time. The claim was rife with classic tabloid lines. According to an unidentified “insider” close to the couple, Holmes used IVF to conceive since she knew it would be the “fastest” route to her “miracle” baby. The outlet pointed to the actress “maternal glow” as evidence, and it even argued that she would touch her stomach “like she’s already bonding with the baby.”

Of course, the outlet never offered up any other evidence beyond its bizarre reading of Holmes’ body language and appearance. Still, it maintained that Holmes couldn’t wait to expand her family and “rediscover all those ‘firsts’ again.” The tabloid even added that the adults weren’t the only ones excited about the baby.

Even Suri, Holmes’ teenage daughter from her marriage to Tom Cruise, was so “happy” about her mom’s news that she offered to go to “all of her doctors’ appointments” with her. That being said, it was Foxx that couldn’t contain himself according to the magazine.

Foxx, the tabloid’s source said, had held onto the engagement ring “for a while” but knew that the baby revelation was the final sign he needed to get down on a knee. The generous tipster added that the actor was “more affectionate than ever” and wanted to be with Holmes “every step of the way” of her pregnancy.

Gossip Cop immediately checked with Holmes’ official spokesperson. The actress’s rep told us on the record that she wasn’t expecting a baby or getting married. Five months have passed since the original rumor, and there’s still no sign of a baby bump. No matter how many times Holmes’ hand was near her stomach, she simply isn’t pregnant. Foxx remains effectively single with no new rings on his fingers.

Even worse for the tabloid was the fact that Holmes and Foxx most likely weren’t even dating at the time. E! News, a more reliable source for celebrity news, reported that the two hadn’t seen each other since sometime in May. Reports of their split, however, weren’t completely substantiated until this past August. Regardless, it’s clear that the tabloid’s “sources” weren’t even close to being correct. In fact, those “insiders” gave the outlet the exact opposite of the truth. It’s hard not to applaud such a total failure.

Of course, being wrong hasn’t stopped Star before, and it certainly hasn’t now. In October, we debunked the magazine’s false story about Holmes orchestrating Suri’s reunion with Tom Cruise. Shortly after, the tabloid incorrectly reported that Holmes was dating Justin Theroux. Unfortunately, neither of those claims were nearly as entertaining as the award-winning July piece.


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