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The tabloids have published a slew of untrue covers stories alleging Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are having a baby and/or got married and among the most absurd reports came from OK! this past April. The front of the publication exclaimed, "Katie & Jamie Wedding Album! The Ring, The Vows, The Guests!" Oh, the lies! None of it was remotely accurate and, of course, Gossip Cop was the first to exclusively expose the magazine for its fabrications.

The outlet even falsely boasted it had details from "inside their intimate ceremony" and "why they didn't tell Tom [Cruise]" about their wedding. To further trick its readers, the tabloid ran an old photo of Holmes in a white dress that presumably was supposed to be her wedding gown. Inside the magazine, however, the magazine noted that while Foxx and Holmes had not gotten married yet, as seemingly portrayed on the cover, they were "finally planning their wedding."

To bolster its fictitious claims, the publication quoted a so-called "source" who maintained, "They've been discussing wedding and reception details... hashing out a guest list and recruiting the bridal party." The magazine even asserted, "The ceremony will take place in October." That's funny, because October was two months ago and Holmes and Foxx 100 percent did not wed, as Gossip Cop reported they wouldn't when the tabloid first published its fake news.

The rest of OK!'s cover story about Holmes and Foxx getting married in a secret wedding was filled with made-up specifics about them saying their "I dos" in the Hamptons, exchanging Cartier rings, and the actress supposedly walking down the aisle in a Zac Posen creation. The article also falsely contended that the nuptials would be attended by just 50 guests, including Robert Downey Jr. and Eva Longoria. But as Gossip Cop rightly noted in April, Holmes and Foxx were not getting married then, nor are they ever going to wed in the future.

Gossip Cop has been assured on several occasions, while the two spend time together, the truth about Foxx and Holmes' relationship is that it's very casual and, though they see each other from time to time, it's not leading to the altar. Of course, OK! has been wrong about them for a very long time. In fact, just about two years ago, the same tabloid ran a cover story that claimed to have the inside scoop about Holmes and Foxx having a "wedding and a baby," and similarly promised to reveal the "details of the secret ceremony" (below).

Again, all talk of the two of them getting married and starting a family wasn't true in 2016. It remained false in 2017. And it most assuredly will also be wrong in 2018. Foxx's rep even told us the claims were a "complete fabrication." As Gossip Cop has stated before, perhaps the New Year is a good time for the tabloid to issue a correction for its numerous inaccurate articles about Foxx and Holmes and resolve to fact-check its cover stories before publishing them.

Katie Holmes Wedding Jamie Foxx

(OK, January 2016 and April 2017)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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