A tabloid story about Katie Holmes speaking out against Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise is completely made-up. A magazine is trying to make it seem as if the actress is breaking her silence about her relationships with the two stars, but that's not the case. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

"Katie Fights Back: My Side Of The Story" reads the headline this week's OK! cover story, which would have readers believe the actress gave an exclusive interview to the tabloid. She didn't. The article begins by addressing Holmes' recent split from Foxx, quoting a "source" as saying, "Katie's finally telling friends her side of the story - and she's not leaving any details out."

The actress never confirmed her romance with Foxx during their years of casually dating, but according to the outlet, she plans to "openly bash" the actor and let everyone know their relationship ended because he "betrayed her with dozens of women over the years." As Gossip Cop has noted, however, Holmes and Foxx had an unconventional romance and agreed to have their own separate lives when they weren't together. Still, the anonymous tipster insists, "It broke everyone's heart to see her with a jerk like Jamie for so long. They love that she's finally sticking up for herself."

From there, the tabloid maintains that Holmes is also preparing to spill dirt on ex-husband Tom Cruise, who's been estranged from her and their 13-year-old daughter Suri for several years. The outlet doesn't bother to mention what this means exactly, but simply says she's been telling friends about how his involvement in Scientology led to their divorce. That's not a new development and has been widely speculated to be the case.

The tabloid's phony story is very vague and doesn't make it clear exactly how and when Holmes is "speaking out" against her exes. Part of the story reads as if the actress is only telling her friends her secrets, while other sections make it seem as if she plans to go public. As mentioned above, the cover itself is designed to look as if Holmes actually sat down for an interview with OK!

In addition to the publication's story being all over the place, a spokesperson for Holmes confirms it's fabricated. The actress hasn't been breaking her silence about Foxx and Cruise in any significant way. Although it's reasonable to believe she's confided in a few close friends about her recent breakup, as well as her divorce, the tabloid doesn't have any insight into the situation.

Gossip Cop would also like to point out that we busted OK! in May for falsely claiming Holmes and Foxx were getting married and having a baby. The magazine clearly knew nothing about the actress's relationship, so it goes without saying that it doesn't know anything about her recent split.

When Holmes and Foxx attended the Met Gala in May, the outlet claimed the only reason the two stepped out together is because Holmes learned Cruise was dating Elisabeth Moss. Cruise and Moss aren't dating and never were. The magazine has now splashed Holmes on its cover as if it's some sort of authority on the actress. It's not.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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