Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx “Split” Claim By HollywoodLife Is Late And Wrong

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Split Wedding

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Split Wedding

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Split claims and canceled wedding allegations surrounding Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are entirely not true. Gossip Cop can correct a report that’s both late and wrong.

When HollywoodLife isn’t seemingly fabricating “exclusives,” it’s picking up stories from the tabloids without bothering to fact-check. That’s why it ran this headline on Friday, “Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Split: Why The Wedding & Romance Is Officially Over.” That was published two days after Gossip Cop busted Star for printing a Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx “wedding off” cover story.

With no regard for accuracy, HollywoodLife writes, “Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are apparently going their separate ways after a major fight put their wedding plans on hold, a new report claims.” And with absolutely no independent reporting of its own, the webloid goes on to regurgitate the allegations found in the debunked Star article. There’s even a pathetic poll asking, “Do you hope Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes stay together?”

But much like the magazine, HollywoodLies doesn’t know what it’s talking about. It was just a month ago that the site, picking up another Star cover story, claimed Holmes and Foxx had secretly married in Hawaii. So, now here we are just weeks later with the tabloid alleging the supposed couple’s wedding has been called off, despite previously saying they had gotten married. And HollywoodLife, obviously not bothered by the contradictions and inconsistencies, just ran with it.

In other words, the webloid isn’t just guilty of being late and wrong here, but flip-flopping, too. To recap: Holmes and Foxx did not get married in June. They did not cancel their wedding now in July. And, oh yeah, they haven’t “split.” HollywoodLies truly earned its nickname here. Check out the false and conflicting headlines, which were published exactly a month apart, below.

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have split up.


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