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One of this week's tabloids claims Katie Holmes' 12-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, is heartbroken over her mom's split from Jaime Foxx. There's one major issue with the phony story: Holmes and Foxx are still very much together. Gossip Cop can debunk the false premise.

According to Woman's Day New Zealand, Foxx ended his relationship with Holmes just a few days after they celebrated her 40th birthday on December 18. The pair went out to dinner with the actress's mom in New York City to celebrate her big day, but an alleged insider says Foxx later called Holmes and "dumped her" over the phone. "He told Katie he didn't think she would ever really be ready to commit, that he couldn't wait any longer and that this was the best thing for both of them," says the supposed source.

The seemingly nonexistent tipster continues, "Sitting Suri down and telling her about the split was devastating. She would've been thrilled to have Jamie as a stepfather. At this point, Katie doesn't know if she'll ever be married again and she blames herself."

The tabloid's story is provably untrue. This past weekend, Holmes and Foxx went on a romantic getaway to Miami, where they were spotted smiling while riding Jet Skis. "Entertainment Tonight" even shared photos of Holmes and Foxx kissing on a yacht. Not only is the couple's romance going strong, it appears to be getting increasingly serious. People magazine, a much more reliable celebrity news outlet than Woman's Day, noted last week that Holmes and Foxx's "relationship is evolving" to the point where they're comfortable showing PDA in public.

Holmes' daughter isn't upset over her mom's nonexistent breakup. In reality, the magazine has zero insight into the actress's secretive romance, so it makes up stories about the situation instead. It's worth noting the publication also has trouble keeping track of its phony narratives. Gossip Cop called out the tabloid in August for making up a story about Suri begging Holmes to dump Foxx. That article alleged the young girl disliked the actor and thought he was "treating her mom badly." In this latest report, the 12-year-old is suddenly devastated over Holmes' so-called "split" from the actor. Not only are the magazine's stories untrue, but they're also inconsistent.

In addition to there being photographic evidence that Holmes and Foxx are still dating, Gossip Cop is assured by a source close to the situation the actor didn't "dump" the actress over the phone following her birthday in December. In an attempt to drag the actress's daughter into the narrative, the tabloid has exposed its habit of making up stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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