Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Did NOT Split, Despite Report

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Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Split Dumped

By Andrew Shuster |

Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Split Dumped

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx did not split, despite a new report falsely claiming the actress dumped the actor. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the breakup rumor. We’re told it’s simply not true.

The latest issue of OK! says Holmes ended her relationship with Foxx over several different factors, including his refusal to go public with their romance and his commitment issues. An alleged “insider” tells the magazine that the actress believed their dynamic would change after they were photographed holding hands on the beach last year, but Foxx “still seems reluctant to show the world how much he cares about her.”

The final straw, according to the suspicious source, came last week when Foxx was spotted grabbing lunch with Kristin Grannis, the mother of his 8-year-old daughter Annalise. “Katie felt humiliated when she saw the photos of Jamie and his ex,” says the questionable tipster. “Katie has felt betrayed by Jamie over and over again… It’s hard for her to trust him.”

The unreliable magazine claims another reason that Holmes dumped Foxx is because she’s looking out for the best interests of her 11-year-old daughter Suri. “After his recent antics, it’s getting harder for her to see a future with him, and she needs to put herself and her child first,” says the supposed source. “She’s done a fantastic job raising her daughter, and she doesn’t need a man to be happy.”

Gossip Cop, however, has learned that this is all inaccurate. A source close to the situation assures us that Holmes and Foxx are still together. We’re further told they’re on the same page when it comes to keeping their relationship private. As we’ve also noted, the two enjoy spending time together when their schedules allow it, but they also have their own separate lives. Regardless, Holmes hasn’t dumped the actor, and the tabloid’s take on their relationship is entirely wrong.

Since Holmes and Foxx stay secretive about their romance, the tabloids decide to create their own narratives about the pair. Gossip Cop recently busted OK! for wrongly reporting that the two were buying a $30 million townhouse in New York City. We also called out the publication last year for falsely claiming that the actor and actress were getting married and having a baby. The magazine clearly has very little insight into the relationship between the stars.

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Katie Holmes dumped Jamie Foxx because she was sick of him keeping the relationship a secret.

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have split.

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Katie Holmes dumped Jamie Foxx.

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