One of this week's tabloids claims Katie Holmes took back Jamie Foxx after a supposed split. The story is completely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony premise.

On March 25, Foxx and Holmes were spotted taking a stroll in New York City after not being photographed together for almost three months. According to Life & Style, the reason the pair haven't been seen together is that they had broken up. The only reason they got back together, notes the outlet, is that the actress recently "initiated the reconciliation."

An alleged insider tells the magazine, "Katie just can't quit Jamie, it's as simple as that... That's why she took him back." The supposed source further contends that Holmes' so-called "commitment issues" are the reason they split, but the actress is now "ready to give Jamie her all." The questionable tipster adds, "When Jamie's in Katie's life, she's less stressed. They can both be stubborn, but they're great together and everyone knows it!"

The tabloid's bogus story is all over the place. After initially claiming it was Holmes who "took back" Foxx, other parts of the article make it sound like the actor ended their relationship because she wouldn't "commit." The inconsistencies in the article are a result of it being entirely untrue.

A source close to Holmes tells us she and Foxx never split. The two have an unconventional romance and often spend time apart, but that's always been their dynamic. People magazine, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Life & Style, reported the same thing earlier this week. After noting that Holmes and Foxx are "going strong," the publication wrote, "When they can spend time together, they do. When they're busy and they can't, they don't. They are two adults who enjoy each other's company and have for a long time."

Here's what's really happening. Life & Style is seemingly trying to save face after falsely reporting last week that Holmes got a "$50,000 makeover" after her "split" from Foxx. The poorly-timed article, which Gossip Cop busted, was published around the same time Foxx and Holmes were photographed together in New York. But instead of acknowledging it got the story wrong, the magazine is now pretending that Holmes and Foxx had broken up and then got back together. That's simply not the case.

It must also be mentioned, Gossip Cop debunked the same outlet's cover story a few months back that claimed Foxx had "dumped" Holmes on her 40th birthday. The report was laughably wrong. In reality, the pair celebrated the actress's birthday together at a restaurant in New York. The unreliable magazine clearly has zero insight into the couple's relationship.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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