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Claims have been circulating this week about Katie Holmes going on a "shopping spree" in order to woo Jamie Foxx with a "sexy" makeover. The narrative started in the United States, but has spread to the other side of the world. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news.

This past Wednesday, Life & Style published an article in its new issue with the headline, "Katie's Foxxy Makeover for Jamie." The story was based on Holmes' July 16 outing with Foxx, for which the tabloid asserted she "ditched her dowdy dungarees and frumpy hats and stepped out in a sexy off-the-shoulder bodice top and shorts." This was said to be a purposeful style choice designed to keep Foxx interested in her after he was seen partying with other women in late June.

"Katie went on a shopping spree before their big date and spent tens of thousands on new clothes," a so-called "source" was quoted as saying. The outlet's supposed insider, however, had no specific details. Neither the publication or this "source" could name a single store Holmes visited or a single item she bought. Still, it was alleged, "Katie thought it was time to up her game. She wants to look sexy for her man."

Gossip Cop rounded up clear evidence that this storyline was bogus. While the tabloid wanted readers to think this appearance was a "striking departure from her usual look," we found dozens of photos online of the "Dawson's Creek" star dressing provocatively in the past. In 2014, for example, Holmes paired a bikini top with shorts. Last fall, Holmes stepped out in a lace bra top. Foxx wasn't with her on either occasion. Additionally, for this particular day, the magazine failed to tell readers that Holmes was out in New York City's 90-degree weather, which likely played a role in what clothes she chose to wear.

On top of all that, Holmes' spokesperson maintained the shopping spree and makeover claims were "not true." But thanks to gossip outlets often being in cahoots with one another, a virtually identical article appears in the latest edition of OK! Australia. Though attribution is given to Life & Style, the story is nearly word-for-word the same, right down to the headline, the closing lines and everything in between. The publication is owned by Bauer Media, which until recently owned Life & Style, too. That has allowed the two tabloids to share content.

The result is that fake news isn't confined to one place, but literally spread across the globe. And someone Down Under might not as readily see a debunking of a U.S. publication as someone in the States, even though Gossip Cop is available to everyone with an internet connection. It boils down to this: OK! made a choice. It chose to blindly copy Life & Style without any apparent attempt to fact-check the original story or verify its assertions. Had the magazine done some research, as Gossip Cop did, it would've learned the tale was phony.

But sadly, it's likely the outlet just didn't care. That was also the case when the tabloid used an inaccurate New York Post report in January to falsely claim Holmes and Foxx went on a "secret birthday getaway." As Gossip Cop said then, just because allegations are far-reaching doesn't mean they're true. See photos of the Holmes and Foxx articles from Life & Style and OK! Australia below.

(Gossip Cop Composite Of LS/OK)

(Gossip Cop Composite Of LS/OK)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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