Did Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Secretly Adopt A Daughter?

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A photo of Jamie Foxx looking confused, next to a photo of Katie Holmes in a white tank top

By Hugh Scott |

A photo of Jamie Foxx looking confused, next to a photo of Katie Holmes in a white tank top

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One year ago, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were both working in New Orleans. A tabloid report at the time alleged the two were planning to secretly adopt a daughter while there. Gossip Cop immediately busted the story, which was time has proven to be fiction.

365 days ago today, Woman’s Day published a phony report about Holmes and Foxx adopting a child in New Orleans because they were so inspired by the time they spent there. Holmes, the article contended, felt “her pregnancy days” were behind her, so she and Foxx decided to adopt. The tabloid claimed an “insider” said, “There have been a lot of official-looking visits to Katie’s trailer when Jamie’s around, and everyone’s thinking it could be lawyers assisting them with adoption papers.”

The ridiculous story was completely false and the tabloid’s “insider” clearly knew nothing about the couple. Holmes and Foxx weren’t even living in the same city, much less ready to adopt a child together. Sadly, after years of keeping their romance a secret, Holmes and Foxx broke up earlier this year. Thankfully, there wasn’t a child between the two caught up in the breakup.

Every single tabloid claimed to have “insiders” snitching on Holmes and Foxx. One after another, Gossip Cop busted these false reports. Even months after the couple had broken up, but not publically announced their split, these outlets were publishing outlandish and completely untrue articles about the couple. Of course, none of these publications have admitted they were wrong or corrected any stories in the wake of the couple breaking up.

Woman’s Day has always been one of the guilty parties. The tabloid published a dramatic tale about Holmes being “furious” with Foxx when he visited Disneyland with his ex-girlfriend in July. The story wasn’t true, and Gossip Cop confirmed that with Holmes’ rep. In fact, the couple had split two months before the article was published, but the news wasn’t out yet. The tabloid claimed an insider knew all about Holmes’ tearful phone call confronting Foxx about the outing. Of course, there was no phone call and there was no insider with any insight.

Unfortunately, the tabloid hasn’t learned its lesson. Last month, the outlet purported that Holmes and Justin Theroux were “getting serious.” This was part of an ongoing false narrative in the gossip media. As Gossip Cop has confirmed, the two aren’t dating. The publication was just as wrong about Holmes and Foxx adopting a child.


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