Katie Holmes Spent $75,000 On Plastic Surgery After Jamie Foxx Split?

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Katie Holmes revenge surgery cover

By Griffin Matis |

Katie Holmes revenge surgery cover


Did Katie Holmes get more than $75,000 worth of plastic surgery as “revenge” following her split from Jamie Foxx? That’s what one of the tabloids is alleging. Gossip Cop can debunk the ridiculous story.

The headline of the latest NW cover story reads, “Katie’s $75k Revenge Surgery.” The outrageous article claims Holmes went under the knife multiple times prior to her appearance at New York Fashion Week earlier this month. The supposed procedures were “the talk” of the event, an anonymous tipster tells the outlet.

The magazine then quotes a plastic surgeon who’s never treated the actress as saying, “It looks like she’s had a facelift, lip fillers and probably Botox of the forehead, between the eyebrows and the crow’s feet. The facelift could have defined her jawline like that.” The publication then says other surgeons “suspect” Holmes has gotten implants and undergone rhinoplasty for a “more defined” tip of her nose.

The alleged insider adds, “Katie has spent an absolute fortune on her new bod. Word is, she’s blown anything up to $75K, if not more!” The source goes on to say it’s an investment on Holmes’ part to try and get “some hot and heavy film roles.”

The tabloid takes its premise even further by alleging Holmes’ supposed behavior is harmful for her daughter, Suri Cruise. Citing another mysterious “insider,” the outlet claims Suri is “weirded out by” her mother’s appearance and “the dramatic changes can’t be good” for the 13-year-old to witness.

Nothing about the outlet’s report is remotely true. For starters, Holmes has stated in the past that she would never have anything done to her lips, joking in a 2011 interview with InStyle, “My sisters would kill me!” Additionally, photos of Holmes in the days that followed NYFW show her looking much the same as she did in the months before. That’s because she simply took her makeup off following the event.

As we mentioned earlier, none of the surgeons quoted in the magazine have ever treated or seen Holmes. They’re basing their opinions on a single photo from a single angle provided by the tabloid. That’s far from the only issue, however. The “before” photo the outlet uses is from a 2017 press junket she did for The Kennedys: After Camelot. The “after” photo is of Holmes at Zimmermann’s Soho party during NYFW. In addition to it being understandable that she’d get more gussied up for a high fashion event, the image has also been altered. Gossip Cop found an actual photo of Holmes at Zimmerman’s Soho party, and it’s clear the tabloid has photoshopped Holmes’ chest area to make it look bigger.

The timeline of the story doesn’t make sense either. Facelifts and rhinoplasties include a very visible healing process. Considering the paparazzi’s near constant coverage of Holmes, especially from August up to Fashion Week, there would be some photographic hint of these surgeries. Since they never happened in the first place, there are none.

NW has consistently been wrong about Holmes, and this isn’t even the first time they’ve used an incredibly misleading photo as proof for a fake story. Gossip Cop called out the outlet earlier this month when falsely claimed Holmes was “heartbroken and starving herself” after her split from Foxx. As its proof, that article used an edited photo of the actress in character on the set of a 2015 movie.

Gossip Cop also busted the publication for incorrectly reporting Holmes was considering meeting with ex-husband Tom Cruise after her breakup with Foxx. The outlet is totally ignorant regarding what’s happening in the actress’s life following her recent split.


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